Aasife Biriyani - Corporate
Aasife Biriyani - Corporate
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Aasife Biriyani - Franchise Enquiry

Aasife Biriyani - Franchise Enquiry

Are you looking for a franchise business that offers delicious, high-quality food? If so, we are happy to provide Aasife Biriyani franchise prospects across the globe to people who share our goals of serving the best biriyani in the world and delicious meals created with the freshest ingredients in a great ambiance. By acquiring an Aasife Biriyani franchise, you will benefit from our exceptional brand and seasoned network while also enjoying the independence of being a business owner. Be a part of a larger network and a successful brand to keep customers coming back for exquisite biriyanis made exactly how they enjoy it. For Franchise Query: By joining our franchise family, you can enjoy the benefits of the incredible brand we have built while still living your entrepreneurial dream. Places requirement: A prime location with good footfalls preferably ground floor minimum 2500 sqft and above with additional car parking.
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