2 Steps to Grow & your Business Digitally

uEngage Team, 25-Sep-2023

The modern era of consumers dealing with pandemic-normal life relies on online ordering apps. The biggest advantage of an ordering app is of course the power to reach customers directly and digitally. But, if you are wondering which door to knock Swiggy or Zomato, then the answer is neither.

So, right here, we give you the 3 most cost-efficient and profit-increasing steps towards customer acquisition and making that digital imprint in the industry.

 Step 1- Get a zero-commission ordering app

Yes, you heard it right. A Zero Commission Ordering App is a thing and it has what you need to catapult your business higher into the galaxy of the competition. An online ordering app, irrespective of your service type, means:


  • Access to online consumer traffic

 Suppose you have a cafe with a loyal customer circle and popularity in your lane, but an online app will take you to all those coffee or croissant lovers who have not heard of you. The cherry on the cake is that your regular customers now get to enjoy the liberty of ordering from you on lazy days when they can’t get themselves out of their pajamas but would love to get their hands on your signature drink or meal.

  • Digital branding and marketing

 An app means you can get yourself promoted on popular traffic-generating platforms like Paytm and PhonePe. Online promotions on social media about your menu with a quick app download feature are bound to focus on your business as a brand. Presenting combo deals, the offer of the day or a festive discount via an app gets you more than you can imagine. For example, some businesses offer Buy One Get One (largely famous as BOGO) only on online orders. Giving free credits for the next order on a customer's first order from an app is another marketing trick that gets buyers and branding in one shot.

  • More sales and more profit

 This is simple math, an online app alongside an offline shop or cafe or restaurant means dual traffic lanes for customers to reach you. An additional platform for ordering your chef special means extra orders, extra sales, and extra profit.

But the key part here isn’t just any ordering app, but a zero commission app. Experts like Uengage get you and your business online with a technology that not only saves you from middleman charges and commission but also offers you a no-coding-based app thoroughly enriched with a powerful dashboard that means you track your customers, and your orders and your audience's preferences. With your own ordering app where you pay no commission, you not only own your profits you also get to acquire customers by creating personalized push notifications and SMS, as well as get to monitor your customer reviews to improvise your menu or product quality.

 Falling for the bait of third-party apps means:

 - Paying heavy commission

- No freedom to launch or advertise exclusive deals

- No control over a fully functional dashboard with full control on orders, reviews

To know more about how a zero-commission app works or what it does to a business set-up like yours, talk to the team and get a tour of digital growth from experts.


Step 2 - Get your social media active and running

 This is a part where you might already be active, chances are your Instagram or Facebook is already buzzing with a post but does it tells your customer that you have your own app now, or does it inform them that they can earn an additional 10% by refereeing the app to friends or family? And if your business's social media presence is slow or absent then how would your customers know what is new or what's exciting about you? An ordering app gets you direct orders but a social media presence gets you additional branding and marketing.

Talk to Uengage experts – A 2 steps process of getting an app and becoming more active on social media is your formula to becoming a brand, earning commission-free profits, and getting ahead of the competition. Let Uengage get you the right tools, right dashboard, and right promotion on top eCommerce areas via a team of experts who would guide you step by step and customize the whole experience to make you a part of your own growth.

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