Online vs Offline - How online food delivery app is the new normal in the new world?

uEngage Team, 25-Sep-2023

Smartphones and Internet have been changing the new normal for a long time now, with almost every brand and business going online. Food delivery apps like Swiggy or Zomato, or apps like Uber and Myntra made their mark long ago, and now the race is all about tackling the competition and making things more convenient for those regular users. But the game of online vs offline business has changed drastically since the pandemic. 

With "No touch deliveries" becoming a necessity for many, consumers have found themselves taking a daily walk on a food delivery app or shopping app rather than visiting the offline store itself. 

So, the question arises, what's better, to focus on your offline store or to move online and get those user-friendly food delivery apps? 

Online Business App

Grow your Business with Online Food Delivery App

You don't jump into the wagon of an online business app because your competitor has it, you do it because it is the next step to growth. How? You have a small restaurant or a cafe, people walk in, have a good time and you get happy customers, but why not double the influx of customers by reaching out to those who are at home or at work, thinking about ordering a cappuccino or a burger?

Why should I have an Online Business App? can only be answered by understanding what an online application does for an already established business.

Online business apps or websites come packed with the following benefits:


  • Customer acquisition

This part is where anyone who hasn't heard about your business gets access to you without even looking for you. For example, tools like SEO and online social media marketing ensure that when used well they put you on the map. So, when a person sitting at home craving a nice Chinese meal search for "best chilly garlic noodles near me", will end up finding you among the many listed options. Now, you exist where you didn't. 


  • Better branding

A food delivery app with incoming reviews and ratings, customers exploring the daily deals or promotions, and happy souls leaving recommendations get the business that you thought was doing well to the next level of success. From a brick-and-mortar business to a brand with its own app, your restaurant earns brand value.


  • More earnings

This is the most straightforward benefit of all, having access to a wider customer base means more influx of orders and more earnings. Modern food consumers are dealing with 9 to 5 life or work from home culture, and often seeking access to quick deliveries. Thus, while you may be earning well offline, presenting yourself to those online food delivery seekers means expanding your business. 


  • More walk-in customers

Imagine a scenario, where a customer seeking a breakfast combo finds your app, orders an item, and enjoys it. Now, chances are he or she would order again but another addition to it would be him or her visiting your offline business to explore the ambiance and menu with their friends or family. He or she might even recommend a friend about your food quality, who in turn might walk in to experience the same. Having an online business app means being a part of a conversation like "You should try ABC's pasta? They have deals on their app."

Another simple benefit of an online presence with an app or website is announcements and promotions. When you have deals, offers, combos, some gigs, or events, your app or website is a faster way to reach out to customers than a board outside your cafe or restaurant or shop. 

Brick and Mortar aka offline business

Grow your Business with Online Food Delivery App

Focusing on your offline business rather than dividing your attention to the offline-and-online systems can be a confusing and valid concern, but if beating the challenging world of competition is your aim then you know playing old school won't work. 

Offline business is a crucial base, yes. Unless, you have a good menu, quality services, and a sitting that does touch the aesthetic requirements of contemporary customers, an app would not be of much help. But a delicacy-rich service and a word of mouth reviews mean you are ready to grow and enter the universe of online consumers. 

It is crucial that while you build your online presence and acquire new customers, you must not overlook or ignore the offline process:

  • Stick to your service and reception
  • Organize gigs or events
  • Focus on dropping deals and offering a pamphlet
  • Never ignore your social media presence and posts

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