Know Why Cloud Kitchens Should Have Their Own Websites and Apps

uEngage Team, 25-Sep-2023

The food industry of today heavily depends on its websites and applications. Most of the users are comfortable ordering through their phones and that happens through the mobile applications and websites of the brands or third-party sources. Having a website and mobile application of its own has several benefits and also it helps strengthen the brand value too of the outlets. Now be it a cloud kitchen somewhere where several brands are functioning or a brand’s own kitchen, a personalized website, and an app will surely help to become the brand popular.

Benefits of your cloud kitchen app | Uengage

How It Will Help Cloud Kitchens With Multiple Brands Under Them

A cloud kitchen is a fully functional physical kitchen but in one kitchen food items of several brands are served to the customers. As soon as a customer opens the website or the app on the phone or their computer, the customer will be at an advantage of selecting multiple food items from different brands and that too in a single order. This will give them a chance to relish different food items at once that too from a single place.

Next comes the promo codes which are loved by the people. Depending on the category, brand, and kitchen a promo code can be applied to the entire order which will again be a beneficial thing. Since it’s a customized website or app, the promo codes too can be customized according to the kitchen, brand, and category.
Depending on the need and choice of a person, the banner can be kitchen-specific or can be different for all the kitchens. Since there are different brands under one roof, each brand will have its customized menu card for the customers to choose from.

Even if orders are from multiple brands then also a single KOT will be required. To grow your Brand it's a good idea to have multiple revenue sources than just remain dependent on Aggregators. 

Benefits of your cloud kitchen app | Uengage

Solo Brands Too Have Their Own Benefits

Here we are talking about brands that have their own kitchens and at multiple locations in the city. As soon as the customer accesses the website or the app, all the outlets will reflect on the screen of the customer.

Depending upon the city the person is in, the kitchens can be clubbed under one city name, and according to the customer's location, the kitchen will be shown. Since the usage of GPS too can be an option, the customers can order from the nearest kitchen they have near their location.

Whatever food the selected outlet can provide they can choose from them. Here the promo code will be based on the brand and can be used while placing the order.

The banners used can be common for the outlet or can be separate for separate kitchens. Each outlet will have its own menu too and all the outlets can have the same menu too but the operation will be independent. 

Uengage has an entire team of tech experts that are working on the technology aspect for cloud kitchens planning to build website and app.

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