uEngage Edge - The Best Online Ordering App For Your Business

uEngage Team, 25-Sep-2023

Are you a restaurant owner tired of dealing with hefty commissions charged by third-party aggregators? Well, what is the need to pay such aggregators when you can have your own online ordering app? Yes, you heard it right! uEngage Edge - The Best Online Ordering App For Your Business promises to launch your lowest commission online ordering app that offers a long line of features and unparalleled benefits. Let us explore why uEngage is your perfect partner and how it can transform the way you manage your restaurant's orders.

Lowest Commissions on Online Ordering App

With many delivery platforms charging high commissions, it can be problematic for restaurant owners to maintain profitability. However, you can completely avoid those hefty commissions with the Best Online Ordering App, uEngage Edge.

Supporting restaurant owners with the lowest commission structure is one of the primary aims of uEngage. We do not keep our promise limited to just increased volume of orders and widened visibility, but also to the retainment of a significant portion of revenue. With uEngage, you can keep your entire focus on driving growth for your business while completely neglecting the trouble of unwanted high commissions. 

Management of Multiple Outlets on One App

Managing multiple outlets individually can be challenging for restaurant operators. However, the Best Online Ordering App, uEngage simplifies the whole process by offering a single app that can manage multiple outlets at once. With uEngage Edge, you can easily handle orders from multiple regions. Regardless of whether a restaurant owner owns a single restaurant or a chain of outlets, uEngage integrates all incoming orders into one centralized platform. It allows restaurant owners to quickly switch between outlets, analyze order data, and track performance indicators for each outlet. 

This further streamlines the management of orders and eliminates the risk of errors, resulting in a smooth and efficient workflow. Save your time and effort with uEngage Edge and manage all your outlets on one app with extreme convenience.

Access to Complete Customer Data

Understanding your customers and their preferences is essential for the success of a restaurant in the highly competitive F&B market. With the Best Online Ordering App, uEngage Edge, restaurant owners get complete ownership of their customer data that can be leveraged in multiple ways.

With this user data, they can form segments based on order history, demographics, preferences, purchasing behaviors, and patterns. This segmentation also allows you to effectively target specific customers with your offerings, discounts, promo codes, and more. You may further refine your audience even further with such filters, ensuring that the right customers receive your loyalty at the right time. 

Multiple Secured Payment Options

uEngage Edge - The Best Online Ordering App For Your Business offers seamless management of all online order payments through the integration of multiple payment options, including Debit/Credit Cards, UPI, Gpay, QR, and Net Banking. The app swiftly integrates with reputable payment gateways while enabling you to securely process transactions. 

Seamless and Secure payment processes play one of the vital roles in establishing strong trust with your customers. Thus, tuEngage Edge allows you to manage all the offers of multiple secured payment options like UPI, Gpay, QR, and Credit/Debit Cards that offer your customers the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method. This flexibility not only increases the convenience for your customers but also infuses a sense of security for their transactions. 


Above mentioned are the exceptional features that make uEngage Edge - The Best Online Ordering App For Your Business. The app stands as the ultimate solution for anyone looking to launch their own online ordering app while retaining their hard-earned revenue. Say goodbye to outrageous commissions, limited customer insights, and burdensome order management, and Hello to uEngage Edge, a one-stop solution for all your online ordering needs.

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