Customer Marketing Automation - An Innovative Way to Grow Your Business

uEngage Team, 25-Sep-2023

Oh, the competition in marketing current is on a high, due to which customers are bombarded with marketing campaigns and messages from every side. In all of this, creating a marketing campaign that will keep you on top can be difficult, especially when you are just a food delivery mobile application. And remember, we said difficult, not impossible.

The marketing teams in every business are consistently pressurized to come up with great ideas that will beat the other teams in the competition. Doing this every day can be a huge pain for not just your team but your company and you as well. It is not an easy task.

That is where technology can help us. Have you ever heard of a customer marketing automation software system? Let us understand that a bit.


What is Customer Marketing Automation?

Customer Marketing Automation aiming for Business Growth

The name actually says it all - automatically handles all the customer marketing tasks. Basically, customer marketing automation is a system, that is used to analyze, streamline and automate all the marketing tasks in a business. These marketing tasks can include account-based marketing, customer retention, customer relationship marketing, capturing and nurturing the customers, lead generation, and segmentation.

In short, this system assists you in identifying the potential customers and automatically nurturing them into leads. It automates everything so that you get all the customers right to the point where they get close to buying what you are offering. That is again where the CRM marketing automation software can again help by converting this lead into a done deal. But that is not where the process ends; the system also takes care of the start of an ongoing relationship with the customer, gathers data about the customer that will enhance the marketing tactics, and retain the customer for as long as possible.

Sounds complicated? Well, it is not really that complicated. To put it in simple words,  customer marketing automation works on enhancing the overall efficiency of your sales funnel that quickly obtains leads and turns them into satisfied and happy customers. And the best part about this system is that it is automatic, where all you need to do is set it up.


Let us take an example to understand this better.

In the initial stages of generating a lead, awareness and education about the product or service is the main task. Using customer marketing automation software can help in sharing useful content that will help customers learn, respect, and trust your brand easily and quickly. This will help the customers understand what they will get from you once they begin purchasing what you are offering.

Furthermore, when customers search, add to the cart, or even wishlist products or services that you offer and don’t buy instantly, the system will reach out to them with targeted messages. These messages can be offers or reminders, or even both. And their targets would be to ensure that the customers get what they were looking for, eventually helping your brand grow.

Finally, when a lead becomes a customer, the automation system will track the activities of the target and devise a much more focused and comprehensive message to keep the person coming back for more always.



Just to be clear, even though the customer marketing automation software is automatic, you will still need to set it up initially, monitor it, and add your strategies and messages for it to work to its full potential. The best thing about this is that, instead of spending a huge amount of money every month on a team to do this manually, you will be saving a lot by letting the system handle it for your business. Let us talk a bit more about this.


Why is Customer Marketing Automation Valuable & Crucial for your Business?

Customer Marketing Automation aiming for Business Growth

For any business, lead generation is a very important step towards growing it. In simple words, leads are potential customers who learned about your business from your marketing messages and are here to inquire more before they purchase anything from you. In fact, for many businesses, some of the most common challenges that they face include generating leads and then, keeping the customers engaged throughout their journey with the company.

Having a team to manually handle all this can be quite daunting. The explosion of data continuously coming in can even confuse the team since nothing is streamlined. And assuming that the team is able to handle the data they get, putting it to use is another huge task.

By automating all the steps in the overall marketing process, the team can give more time to planning the right strategies. It will allow them to offer a better customer experience and support while nurturing the new leads that come in as well. This just means that the system will get in more leads, and you get more business, plus you save a lot of time and money.

Moreover, marketing automation also helps you in tracking each customer’s behavior that will help you target them directly for their specific needs. The team will be able to understand the interest of the customer and their purchasing lifecycle. This just makes handling the process from marketing to sales and customer service much easier on the team as well.

In short, when done properly, and with the right marketing automation application (like Uengage Prism), you enjoy three main benefits:


  • Customized Workflows - Obtaining the lifecycle data of a client is a great way to understand each potential customer’s interests. But picking multiple things and working through them can be hard on the team. With the software, businesses can get inputs from different channels and deliver the right content at the same time. In short, reaching out has never been this easy, when using customer marketing automation software.
  • Data Analysis - Other than all the data you get from each customer’s lifecycle, you also get an analysis of what the customers are looking for with the marketing automation software. Isn’t that what we need, to grow a business? With the right secret in hand, you can then begin to offer much better services and products.
  • Streamlined process - Every stage of a customer journey needs a team, that is if you are manually handling things. With the customer marketing automation software, you can streamline the complete process and keep all your customers in the center. The system will save all the data, analyze it and help you reach the customer. And you can focus on offering better services to them.


CRM and Customer Marketing Automation

Customer Marketing Automation aiming for Business Growth

Customer marketing automation and CRM, short for customer relationship management, are not really the same, although they work perfectly together to help in offering the best customer experience. Marketing automation helps in getting leads and making sales, while a CRM helps in keeping the customer engaged. While some software systems are just simple marketing automation software systems, it is important for your business to choose the one that offers both a CRM and the automation software together.


Here is how the CRM marketing automation software works:

  • Step 1: The customer marketing automation obtains the potential customer’s interests and works on the lead generation. When a lead comes in, it works on nurturing the leads by managing campaigns across many online and offline channels.
  • Step 2: Then, the CRM comes in and takes the customers to then track the sales made, and the sales opportunities that come during the journey. Using all the data obtained, the CRM then handles the ongoing customer relationship by keeping them engaged with the brand.
  • Step 3: Using these systems, the sales team and marketing team can then analyze the customer’s behavior and devise new strategies to reach out better.


In short, a CRM system can help you manage the relationship with your customers so that you can keep them happy and fulfilled always. Although many consider CRM to be a sales software, it can actually do a lot more than that, especially when combined with the marketing automation system. Having such a software system integrated into your business process will help you not just reach out to your customers better but also keep them and grow your restaurant business.


What You Are Looking For Is - Uengage Prism

A food delivery application is very different from any other kind of application. Uengage Prism was designed to help your restaurant business grow. It is an advanced customer marketing automation platform that offers everything you need in just one place. Plus, you do not need a large sales or marketing team at your back-and-call with this system by your side.

Uengage Prism helps you connect and engage with your customers by automating all your marketing campaigns and content. Benefits of it include:

  • Customer Analysis
  • Multiple POS Integrations
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Automated Campaigns
  • Content Management System
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) - get the loyalty and satisfaction measurements
  • WhatsApp Integration

And a lot more…

The best part about this is that you do not need to have a programmer hired to help you. No coding is required at all. Moreover, it is an easy-to-use system with guides and 24/7 support from the developer team.

Get a DEMO today to see how it works and begin to use the platform to grow your business. P.S. You do not need to pay any upfront fee, because we deliver satisfaction!

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