New Technology Features For Restaurants To Overcome The Challenges Thrown By The Pandemic

uEngage Team, 25-Sep-2023

The phenomenal impact of COVID-19 presented an unprecedented challenge for restaurants to survive and cope up financially from losses, tottering on the brink of extinction.

We at Uengage thought of helping you navigate your restaurant business through these tough conditions with our technology competence which shall, hopefully, contribute to the restaurant’s longevity in the current state of affairs.

Enable Safety Measures Widgets on Your Uengage Powered Apps

New Technology Features to Help Restaurants During Pandemic

Change in times should prompt a change in priorities, accordingly. Safety, hygiene, and quality should be made a top priority in the current scenario. Thorough fumigation of the kitchen and procurement storage premises, regular temperature check-up for employees, kitchen staff wearing proper masks and gloves while preparing food, effective cleaning of raw food materials, frequent hand washing and use of sanitizers, etc. should strictly be made into Standard Operating Procedure and which must be adhered to, strictly.

Enable Contactless Ordering For Restaurants

New Technology Features to Help Restaurants During Pandemic

Be it Dine In, Take Away or Delivery, offer your customers a safe, contact-free solution to view menus, order, and pay using their own mobile devices. Contactless Ordering aims to ease consumer hesitation around dining out and eliminates the use of physical menus and the handling of debit/credit cards and cash, creating an all-in-one digital solution for viewing a menu, ordering, and paying the bill.

Customized Delivery Areas 

New Technology Features to Help Restaurants During Pandemic

Depending on Govt approved zones- Red, Green, Yellow, and Orange, you can enable or disable localities and plan zone-based deliveries. Just make sure to stay committed to following the safety and health procedures for delivery staff, especially in containment zones. All delivery agents should abide by all safety guidelines including wearing a face mask or cover, use hand sanitizer, and handle all packages with care.

The world is moving towards a new regime, a new model which is Digital, Healthier, and Safer. Restaurants that can adhere to these will be the fittest and will be the ones that survive. Uengage is here to help you shine as a brand and overcome the challenges thrown by the pandemic.

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