What is Contactless Delivery and How to Implement It?

uEngage Team, 25-Sep-2023

Today in 2023, adapting to new trends and technologies is certainly not a choice but an unavoidable requirement. The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 sparked a change in customer behavior towards a safer, more secure, and more efficient delivery method - Contactless Delivery. Our lifestyles now heavily rely on contactless delivery, which is unlikely to go any time soon. In this blog post, uEngage will be taking a closer look at how Contactless Delivery has evolved into the new norm and why restaurant owners must implement this norm.

What is Contactless Delivery?

The global pandemic that hit the entire planet has brought an abrupt shift in customer behavior. But with this major shift, there came concerns about safety and hygiene. This need gave rise to contactless delivery, which reduces physical contact with customers and delivery personnel.

Contactless Delivery is the delivery of orders without any physical contact between customers and delivery drivers. Customers give prior approval for contactless delivery and specify the exact location for the delivery person to drop off the package. The delivery person then takes a picture of the package being left at the customer’s preferred location which serves as a signature. 

Why Should Restaurants Implement Contactless Delivery in 2023?

Customer Safety

Implementing Contactless Delivery is a loud and clear message to your customers that their safety is your utmost priority. By providing this latest choice, you prove your commitment to reducing the risk of the transmission of the virus. This will serve as an expression of responsibility rather than merely a service.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Contactless Delivery serves as a major turning point for restaurant owners toward more streamlined and effective operations. Traditional payment methods often involved acquiring cash or physical credit cards, which required manual verification. On the contrary, contactless payment methods enable more secure and faster transactions. This cuts down on both the processing time and the risk of payment-related issues.

Healthier Environment

The risk of spreading the disease is also greatly reduced because of the decrease in interpersonal contact. This further helps in lessening the environmental impact of food delivery as less packaging material is used. By adopting contactless delivery, restaurants not only protect the public’s health but also make major strides toward a more sustainable and environment-friendly food service sector. This decision is widely accepted by customers, which again gives an upper hand to your restaurant.

How Can Restaurants Implement Contactless Delivery?

Now that you are well-known for the importance of contactless delivery at your restaurant, it is equally important to know how you can implement it without any hassle. Well, uEngage is here to help you implement Contactless Delivery for your restaurant.

Invest in Your Own Mobile App

One thing you must do to implement contactless delivery is to invest in your own user-friendly, and feature-rich mobile app. This will serve as the primary point of contact between your restaurant and your customers. Relying on the Best FoodTech Platform, uEngage, for your easy-to-use and cutting-edge mobile app is the best thing you can do for your restaurant. The app powered by uEngage will ensure real-time order tracking and secure online payments.

Optimize Product Packaging

Investing in the right packaging material is an essential aspect of implementing contactless delivery. Thus, it is crucial to prioritize sturdy and eco-friendly packaging materials that preserve the freshness and temperature of food during the whole delivery process. Make use of secure lids to prevent spillage and maintain the quality of food.

Optimize Delivery Routes

The success of contactless delivery is largely dependent on delivery routing. Optimized delivery routes greatly contribute to lowering fuel consumption other than the obvious benefit of minimizing delivery times. You may accomplish this by setting up GPS tracking and accurate route optimization tools. With uEngage, you can identify the most effective delivery routes with accurate data on traffic conditions and other factors. 

Offer Contactless Payment Options

In order to successfully implement contactless delivery for your restaurant, it is essential to give customers a choice of contactless payment options that suit their preferences. Offer options like UPI, Digital Wallet, Internet Banking, etc., to provide a secure and convenient way for customers to pay for their orders, without any physical contact.


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