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Addo is a fully-featured user-friendly mobile management system

That helps businesses attract and retain customers
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Addo is a fully-featured user-friendly mobile management system that helps businesses attract and retain customers and generate revenue. Addo is your personal virtual assistant, a bookkeeper, a marketing guru, a business coach, and so much more!

Manage Appointments

Schedule appointments in seconds, and notify the confirmation, changes or canceled appointments by SMS & Emails. Also, track each and every appointment with added features like follow-ups and sending reminders.

Manage Customers Profiles

Collect the customer's data and manages the customer's profiles with ease. From customers personal information like contact details, birthday and anniversaries to customers last visit to the place, service history and preferences all can be managed easily.

Manage Marketing Campaigns

Send automated appointment reminders, birthday greetings, follow-up sessions or thank you messages to your customers. Boost customer retention with loyalty campaigns and engage customers based on their individual history via customized SMS & Emails.

Manage Customers Feedback

Addo allows businesses to continually collect customer feedback for analysis and immediate action. Customer feedback guides and informs the decision-making and influences the business roadmap.

Understand User Behavior

Records every appointment, reservation and the dates of customers visits, which further helps to track the customers who have not visited in a long period.

Complete Billing Solution

Everything you need to set up in your offline store billing process is already built in! You can add services, products, price list and generate bills.

Ask For Customization

Every business has its own objectives and needs, so if you are looking for a specific piece of functionality, our team will create a solution that works for you.

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