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Quick A to Z of ONDC

An Indian government initiative to revolutionalise the e-commerce industry by creating an opportunity-based digital world where small, medium and big businesses and sellers of all sizes can connect to the biggest pool of consumers without the burden of traditional digital marketing.

A business or a seller registered with ONDC, automatically ends up on an open network that displays their inventory and products to all the buyers looking for similar options.

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Quick A to Z of ONDC

ONDC Simplified - how it works

ONDC is where your business will meet a world of consumers and beyond.

Sellers Register With Ondc

Sellers register with ONDC

Buyer Looks For A Product

Buyer looks for a product X on a registered seller app, for example- Amazon

Buyers Also Get To View The Deals

Buyers also get to view the deals for same product from Flipkart without shifting apps

“Like UPI, ONDC connects multiple sellers via an open network to multiple consumers.”

ONDC is for everyone – Buyers, Sellers, Logistics

The e-commerce industry comes with two app modules, the buyer's app and the seller's app.

  • Auto invoice generation after the service is availed

Buyers App are payment apps like UPI, Paytm, PhonePe, etc.

  • Ecommerce App/Seller App/Merchant platform is lined up with a network of sellers

Seller apps, or ecommerce apps, are the platform where a seller or a business gets to display its inventory, offer deals, allows consumers to use its services or by products online.

ONDC is for everyone – Buyers, Sellers, Logistics
Uengage and ONDC Apps

Uengage and ONDC Apps

Riding with uEngage means

  • Customised seller app

  • Controlled dashboard with inventory and customer data

  • Simplified APIs

uEnagage also helps businesses with ONDC requirements, from KYC verification, inventory or catalogue upload, notifications setup to linking payment methods.

Go beyond basic online selling

Connecting with ONDC means your business gets to unlock wider growth options and unlimited benefits

  • Huge consumer influx- The omnichannel model of ODNC means accessing consumers from the top, bottom, left, right and every possible direction. Placing your business on an open network means a huge influx of consumer traffic.

  • Low-Cost customer acquisition- The minimal cost to locate buyers via ONDC is the fastest and most economical means of growing in e-commerce world without shelling out a hefty budget on digital marketing.

  • Going head to head with big brands- ONDC has the power to put a business of any size on the same platform with big brands. A local cafe or cloth merchant can now compete with big brands with equal opportunity, as ONDC brings fair growth chance with access to the same consumers to both sides based on product searches.

Go beyond basic online selling

Get aboard ONDC with us


I am really glad to select uEngage as our technology partner. I have known them for 2 years and have been impressed with the diversity and quality of their work. They have both the experience and collaborative approach to take ideas and create incredible cross-platform apps. We literally went from idea/mockups to generating revenue in 2 months. I would highly recommend uEngage to anyone building cross-platform mobile/web apps for startups or established businesses.

Sanam Kapoor

Founder of La Pino'z

We have been working with uEngage for most of our website and digital infrastructure requirements. Not only they have been very swift and proactive in providing solutions to our requirements but at the same time, the enitre team headed by Sameer has been improvising on the entire journey everyday to make the product better for us. uEngage has proved to be a very reliable partner in building our entire website ordering and delivery management process seamless.

Vikram Nagpal

Partner @CBTL Chandigarh

uEngage is extremely focussed and has an extreme sense of urgency to their client needs. Their understanding of our business is impeccable and that reflects in the work done by them on building our website & mobile app. Commendable job !!!

Abhishek Azad

Partner @Tossin Pizza

The world is talking about uEngage