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Tailor made for

  • Restaurants & Breweries / Cafes

    Restaurants & Breweries / Cafes

  • Bengaluru beware: Under the radar town

    Cloud Kitchens Campuses

  • Salon Booking & Management

    Salon Booking & Management

  • Direct to Consumer

    D2C E-Commerce

Create effective brand engagement that focuses on customer relationships

Multi-Channel Campaign Manager

Reach out to your customers with SMS - Email - Whatsapp, integrated seamlessly in Prism.

Multi-Channel Campaign Manager
360 Degree Customer Success

3600 Customer Success

Customer delight through loyalty, rewards, reviews, ratings, analytics and insights, all at one place!

  • Pre-built Campaigns
  • Pre-built Campaigns

    Use a library of campaign templates that are verified for engagement success!

  • Boost Sales Cycle
  • Boost Sales Cycle

    Leverage marketing automation to bring your sales & marketing funnel to life.

  • Use Customer Analytics
  • Use Customer Analytics

    Learn about customer behaviour, engagement reports and optimise your campaign for success

Your customers are the most important part of your business, Prism helps you retain them!

Comprehensive Customer Analytics Platform

Comprehensive Customer Analytics Platform

Prism is the only tool that helps you engage, retain, and reward your customers, based on the detailed analytics of customer data points

Aggregate all Reviews & Ratings at one place

Aggregate all Reviews & Ratings at one place

See exactly how your customers feel about your product or service. Use Prism data to decide which products or services to promote or support!

Create your own Loyalty Program and Net Promoter Score

Create your own Loyalty Program and Net Promoter Score

Reward loyal customers with discounts on every purchase, or give away prizes who share your brand with others. Do this all by implementing NPS!


ROI Boost


Repeat Sales


Increased CLV

52% increase in conversions, 24% increase in retention, 38% reduction in CAC

What Our Clients Say


I am really glad to select uEngage as our technology partner. I have known them for 2 years and have been impressed with the diversity and quality of their work. They have both the experience and collaborative approach to take ideas and create incredible cross-platform apps. We literally went from idea/mockups to generating revenue in 2 months. I would highly recommend uEngage to anyone building cross-platform mobile/web apps for startups or established businesses.

Sanam Kapoor

(Founder of La Pino'z)


We have been working with uEngage for most of our website and digital infrastructure requirements. Not only they have been very swift and proactive in providing solutions to our requirements but at the same time, the enitre team headed by Sameer has been improvising on the entire journey everyday to make the product better for us. uEngage has proved to be a very reliable partner in building our entire website ordering and delivery management process seamless.

Vikram Nagpal

(Partner @CBTL Chandigarh)


uEngage is extremely focussed and has an extreme sense of urgency to their client needs. Their understanding of our business is impeccable and that reflects in the work done by them on building our website & mobile app. Commendable job !!!

Abhishek Azad

(Partner @Tossin Pizza)

Capture & consolidate customer data from different sources, all integrated within Prism


Campaigns Sent


Data Points Mapped


Unique Customer Profiles

Supercharge your brand marketing and take your business into the higher orbit! Sign up with Prism today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your POS can help your business run more smoothly and efficiently; marketing automation can help you provide a better and more personalized customer experience. Customer information, such as order history and contact information, can assist any organization that uses any sort of marketing. This information can be used to improve marketing initiatives and assist business owners in better understanding their customers.

1) We have multiple POS integrations for automatically adding your POS+customers data to uEngage Prism
2) You Can Start Using uEngage Apps for Checkin Management + Feedback Management to start Adding Customers Data
3) You Can start adding customer information manually into uEngage Prism Dashboard

Yes , our uEngage Prism Team can help you to get started with your DLT compliance requirements as per TRAI guidelines

Your uEngage Prism Account will be activated on same day of regisration

Campaigns (emails, SMS, Whatsapp, and so on) can be started right away after the integration. Depending on your business and third-party integrations could take anywhere from a day to a month to complete.

We keep your data private and secure, and we only use it to assist you in growing your business. We are particularly concerned about data privacy and security.

Nobody opens a business just to be restricted to a single outlet. uEngage Prism is built to be scalable and long-term to help you improve your product or service.

The world is talking about uEngage