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Zomato Xtreme

Zomato Xtreme

Supercharge Food Delivery with Zomato Xtreme

Zomato Xtreme is here to fulfil your wish for quick and warp-speed delivery! With a 30-minute delivery guarantee and no minimum order value, Zomato has taken its gold-standard food delivery a notch higher with Extreme’s cutting-edge promise.

Characteristics Helping You Manage Your Restaurant Business


Better Visibility

With Zomato Xtreme, businesses can enjoy better visibility, making sure that your restaurant stands out to the prospective consumers and beat the competition.

Deep Analytics
Deep and insightful analytics by Zomato Xtreme can provide real-time data to the restaurants. Information including the choices and preferences of the consumers can be used to provide better client satisfaction.

Menu Customization
Zomato Xtreme allows quick updates and menu customization of your restaurant, allowing restaurants to showcase their promotions, latest offerings, offers, seasonal items, etc.

Proactive Support
Restaurants can enjoy proactive support offered by Zomato Xtreme. The efficient and proactive support offered ensures prompt and quick resolution of issues.

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