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Billing & POS

Bill Berry is a franchisee business management software for restaurants, QSR, Cafe Shops, Sweet Shops, Ice Cream Parlours, etc. It is a complete solution for managing multiple outlets and foodservice chains brands. Bill Berry POS can also be run in offline mode, so if there is no internet still you can punch bills into the system.

Attributes Helping You Manage Your Restaurant Business

  • QR Code-based Ordering System

    Avoid physical touchpoints and ensure the safety of the customers with QR based ordering. Customers can scan the QR code placed before them sitting at the table itself. After scanning the QR code, they see a menu and prices of various items. They go ahead and choose items from the menu easily.
  • Customizable Dashboard

    Allows merchants to customize their dashboards based on their purposes of use. The customizations can be done with the help of built in filters and the data can be analyzed in a much organized manner.
  • 3rd Party Delivery Service Integration

    This automation of the third party integration avoids unnecessary expenditures on multiple tablets just to take and helps process orders pushed in the POS system without much hassle
  • Cross-selling & Upselling Offers & Schemes

    Showcase any promotional offers to gain more customers and lure the already existing customer base with more schemes. Display suggestions to buy any other products along with the one purchased by the customer.

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