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Simplify payments. Maximize possibilities with Simpl

Simpl is one of the most innovative by now, pay later platforms operating in India. Simpl offers consumers access to convenient credit lines, allowing consumers to opt for purchase splits into 3 interest-free EMIs or pay the complete amount by the due date.

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  • Zero Cost EMI

    Simpl allows customers to make purchases with ease. It offers everyone the convenience of zero-cost EMIs.
  • Protected Transactions

    The platform in India offers transparent, secured, and clear billing statements that promote hassle-free transactional understanding.
  • Complete Digital Experience

    Simpl provides a complete digital or paperless process, allowing customers to complete their purchases, make repayments, and access credit online.
  • No Hidden Charges

    This platform is transparent when it comes to fees, potential penalties, and interest rates.

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