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PetPooja Billing & POS

PetPooja Billing & POS

Manage franchise business hassle-free with a complete ordering system.

Petpooja is a restaurant POS system, that works both online and offline and helps from inventory management to online payment and KOTs. You can manage all your restaurant operations from a single platform without having to switch between different systems. The system is suitable for all types of restaurants, be it a single outlet or a chain or café, bakery, bar, dine-in, food truck, or cloud kitchen.

Attributes Helping You Manage Your Restaurant Business

  • Easy Billing & KOT

    Offers fast and accurate billing and KOTs to simplify your restaurant operations.
  • Inventory & Stock Management

    Manage your stock efficiently and sync it across online aggregator portals automatically.
  • Menu Management

    Customize your menu items, prices and categories be it for dine-in, takeaway, or online aggregator portals.
  • Online Aggregator and Payments Integration

    Smooth order processing and online payments to speed up your service

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