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Paytm Mini App Store

Paytm Mini App Store

List your company’s custom-built mobile website Paytm App store showcased as apps in the Paytm store.

Paytm mini apps are web applications that combine the functionality of native apps to be showcased on the Paytm app store. Meaning your app despite being developed as a web app can be listed as a mobile app with the help of inbuilt JS APIs.

Attributes Helping You Manage Your Restaurant Business

  • Payment Dashboard

    Provides a significant dashboard for keeping track of payments made in the past and to trace a particular transaction.
  • Direct Reach

    It enables the users to reach straight on your platform by simply doing a search over Paytm about your brand name.
  • Direct Sharing

    It allows the users in sharing the mini-app they like through any messaging app making it easier for users to share content quickly.
  • User Engagement

    It allows delivering push notifications through Paytm App to keep users updated about the latest product and services segments, and also about the update about their orders.

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