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Rista POS

Rista POS

Centralize Your Business with New-Age POS System, Rista

Rista is a renowned mobile and cloud-based POS system that was built with a focus on a mobile-first approach by leveraging advanced technologies. It offers a unified dashboard to all types of restaurants to help them have their complete command over their business.

Attributes Helping You Manage Your Restaurant Business

  • Menu Management

    With Rista, you can manage your menus and dishes centrally from a single dashboard for all your restaurant outlets. No need to manually update menus for each location.
  • Inventory Management

    Keep track of the availability of each ingredient by brand and outlet through a centralized dashboard of Rista.
  • Reservation Management

    Rista helps improve order accuracy and table turnover. Manage table layouts, queues of walk-in customers, call-based reservations, and more for all your outlets.
  • Reports & Analytics

    Rista equips restaurants with intelligent reports to make better decisions. Filter data at several levels, including date, channel, outlet, and more to identify current trends.
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