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Shadowfax Logistics Service

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Delivery Services

Shadowfax is an on-demand delivery and logistics service that helps businesses to outsource their last-mile deliveries. It acts as a one-stop delivery service for ecommerce, restaurants, pharma, FMCG, and other online and offline businesses. It also makes use of ML & AI to offer supply chain services to keep pace with fast and quick deliveries.

Benefits of Shadowfax For Your Business

  • Intracity and intercity Logistics

    Provides both intracity and intercity logistics solutions across multiple cities which is free of the constraints of size, shape, and volume of the goods.
  • Geo-fencing Technology

    Incorporation of geofencing technology, to instantly detect and fix any glitch that may occur during delivery
  • Real-time Tracking

    GPS enabled real-time tracking of orders for the customers to know when their order delivery would be made and at what time.
  • Customer Web App

    The app enables the customers to stay updated on their shipments. Track the delivery of their order and can reschedule the delivery according to their preference.

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