5 Common Myths About ONDC

, 22-Nov-2023

Myths and assumptions often cloud the true understanding of emerging platforms, and the same is the case with the government-backed platform, ONDC. The Open Network for Digital Commerce stands as a game-changing force in India’s digital realm. However, with its emergence,  several misconceptions have also emerged, leading to misunderstandings and confusion. It’s time to bust these myths and discover the reality behind ONDC’s true potential. That is why, uEngage, being the Best ONDC Seller App, is here to debunk 5 Common Myths About ONDC and shed light on the facts behind this revolutionary platform. 

Myth - ONDC is an App.

Fact - ONDC is NOT an app. It is an open and interoperable network that aims to build direct connections between buyers and sellers. It is an ecosystem that enables smooth integration and seamless communication across various digital commerce platforms, unlike a standalone application that operates individually.

Furthermore, the open nature of ONDC enables e-commerce sellers to provide enhanced services to a vast pool of consumers without involving any intermediaries. Buyers can access ONDC through Buyer Apps like Paytm, MagicPin, Pincode, Craftsvilla, Mesho, etc. Whereas, sellers can access ONDC through Seller Apps like uEngage, Bitsila, Mystore, etc.

Myth - ONDC is Only for the F&B Industry.

Fact - The Indian Government’s ONDC Program strives to completely revolutionize the digital marketplace. It is no doubt that Food & Beverage Industry can greatly benefit from ONDC. However, it is equally important to understand that the reach of the platform goes far beyond the walls of this sector. It is not just limited to the Food & Beverage Industry. It caters to a vast range of sectors, including Home & Kitchen, Beauty & Personal Care, Electronics, Fashion & Footwear, Grocery, and Mobility.

In fact, sellers from many different kinds of industries have already started selling on the ONDC platform and are gaining maximum profits. On the other hand, it is soon to expand its presence in Financial Sector, Educational Sector, and various other areas. 

Myth - ONDC Holds a Huge Competition.

Fact - The Open Network for Digital Commerce is not designed to establish direct competition among existing digital commerce platforms. Instead, it encourages healthy competition and provides equal and fair opportunities to all the players in the digital commerce ecosystem, while eliminating monopoly or unfair competition. It aims to provide fair opportunities to every business, irrespective of their size.

ONDC acts as an enabler that allows different e-commerce sellers, payment gateways, marketplaces, and logistics providers to seamlessly integrate with each other. It allows buyers to expand their window of options to choose from and sellers to broaden their reach by leveraging the functionalities of multiple platforms at once. 

Myth - ONDC only Supports Large-Scale Sellers.

Fact - Next among the 5 Common Myths About ONDC is that it only caters to large-scale sellers or big giants in the digital market. However, this is far from the truth. ONDC aims to support and benefit sellers of all sizes, including Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). From small-scale businesses in rural areas to large-scale enterprises in metropolitan cities, ONDC provides impartial opportunities, equal access to digital tools, and even-handed infrastructure to every seller across the whole spectrum.

Reaching a huge customer base is one of the biggest benefits offered by ONDC to small merchants. With ONDC, MSMEs can tap into new & untapped markets and establish direct contact with an extensive range of customers 

Myth - ONDC Seller Apps Charge High Commissions.

Fact - It is extremely crucial to debunk one of the most Common Myths About ONDC that it imposes huge commissions. ONDC does not charge hefty commissions as other giant aggregators like Zomato & Swiggy. Even the total of all the costs or commissions associated with Buyer Apps, Seller Apps, and Logistics providers is significantly lower than what merchants need to pay to big monopolistic platforms. 

By offering an affordable commission structure, ONDC balances the playing field for all sellers and allows them to stretch their reach.


So, these were the 5 Common Myths About ONDC that needed to be debunked to reveal the true potential of the revolutionary platform, ONDC. This open network for digital commerce is a game-changer for all the sellers looking to enhance their market reach digitally. However, sellers require up-to-date technologies, advanced features, and innovative solutions to successfully thrive in the digital ecosystem with ONDC. All this can be offered by the Best ONDC Seller App, uEngage. uEngage prides itself on providing complete data ownership to all its merchants while charging just 2% ( GST), which is the lowest commission rate in the entire ONDC ecosystem.

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