How Uengage will add the ONDC factor to your business?

, 20-Feb-2024

Uengage is your one-stop solution to bringing your business to a wider consumer base with a well-integrated digitalized app that lets you move from a cloud kitchen or a small city cafe to the digitized world of contemporary food delivery apps. Uengage would connect your business to the new e-commerce revolution of ONDC by making your business, cafe, or store, digitalize and synchronized to the open network of ONDC. The lucrative merger of your business and Uengage is only the beginning of your entry into the e-commerce boom those Indian sellers and buyers are about to experience.

With Uengage your business would find it present on all platforms via the magic of one-time cataloging. We would get your sales and inventory all synchronized further bringing you the ease of user-friendly dashboards and daily site stats and reports. The Uengage team is excited about not just bringing small businesses to the next ladder of growth with the digitalization of their store or cafe or restaurant, but by connecting them to the augmenting e-commerce industry, powered by ONDC.

What is ONDC and how does it work?

ONDC has become a sensation in e-commerce not because of its power to oust big guns like Amazon and Flipkart, but by bringing buyers and sellers to one open platform that works like UPI. As an independent business, you get equal opportunity to reach a large customer base by putting your services out there and leveraging the influx of consumers from brands like Whatsapp, PhonePe, Paytm, etc.

Indian government’s initiative ONDC works as an open platform where buyers, sellers, retailers, and logistic partners can register and connect. So if you are registered on ONDC along with your competitors, all the sellers browsing for a product on one of the competitors’ apps will also find results from your inventory. The connected cataloging of partners on an open network allows consumers to find the same product on multiple platforms without shifting from their app. For example, a person logged in on an app ABC which is registered with ONDC will see mobile charger options not just from ABC but from your business as well.

ONDC is already seeing more than 30 partners ready to plug in with many more in talks with the platform. A perfect module for buyers, sellers, and logistic partners who want a more growing and flexible network breaking the barrier of big giants and their monopoly.

How Uengage is your door to ONDC benefits?

Uengage gets you the right entry into e-commerce with a user-friendly and perfect e-commerce setup further integrating your business into the open network of ONDC, to get you onboard a larger world of consumers and competitors.

Experts at Uengage believe that having a presence in the e-commerce sector is a huge step but it’s not enough, not anymore, especially when India is looking forward to expanding its share of consumers and buyers by rebuilding the course of the Indian e-commerce industry. By bringing your business to the ONDC platform, Uengage will let you reach consumers beyond your reach, consumers from multiple apps and platforms.

How does ONDC benefit small businesses?

  • Access to consumers from different platforms

 ONDC with its omnichannel approach the has power to unlock multiple doors to customers by placing your business on an open network, where a customer looking for a specific product on another ONDC registered app will also find products from your business app.

Uengage Connecting your Businesses with the ONDC


  • Low-Cost customer acquisition

The fee to connect with ONDC and find the right buyers or consumers is so low cost that it ends all the burden on marketing costs. With no online selling fee and a minimal buyer-locating cost, your business gets to enjoy enhanced visibility to buyers. This low-cost customer acquisition is the fastest way to lead an e-commerce presence without focusing much on digital marketing.                       

  • Tackling the e-commerce competition

Expanding your business by entering e-commerce, and going digital with an app or a website is a powerful step, but beating the competition takes more than just an online presence. Brand and digital marketing are crucial and so is covering the tracks of competitors. Appeasing the customers of competitors already set up online is tricky, but an open network puts you right on the podium among your competitors as equal. Big fishes like Amazon and Flipkart enjoy algorithm benefits, but an open network of ONDC means fair equal opportunity to sell services without worrying about the overwhelming competition.

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