uEngage App for Owners to Manage The Business on the Go

, 21-May-2024

Introducing uEngage App for Owners 

As our constant endeavour to keep improving the lives of Small Businesses and Merchants via tehcnology ,We are happy to introduce uEngage App for Owners to Manage Your uEngage Business On the Go.

How Can I Download uEngage Owner App?

App Download URL here 

App is Available on both Android and iOS


How Can i Get Access of uEngage Owner App?

uEngage Owner App is available for All Businesses Using any of the uEngage Products (Egde/Prism/Flash)


Security First : To ensure the access of critical data , app can be logged in using your registered mobile number with uEngage 


No Passwords : There is no password and you can login using the real time OTP or Truecaller one tap login


What are the important Features of uEngage Owner App?

1) uEngage sales

Monitor Your uEngage Edge App/wesbite Sales on the Go

2) Outlets leaderboard 

View and Monitor Your Top Performing Outlets

3) Critical alerts

Never Miss Important Alerts and Information about your outlet Operations

4) uEngage Wallet Ledger and Recharge 

Manage and Track Your uEngage Wallet on the Go

5) uEngage Prism:  Overall sales via pos integration (Zomato swiggy pos uengage)

Single Screen for All Your Outlet Sales 

6) Campaigns information

View and Monitor Your SMS Campaigns on the Go

7) Payments information

View and Reconcile Your Daily Payouts by uEngage and Payment Gateways

8) uEngage Flash  (rider stats)

Track Your Delivery Performance and Details on The Go

9) Menu audit score

Never Miss the Menu Audit Score and improve it to improve your sales

10) uEngage invoices 

No More waiting for important invoices

What are the upcoming features of uEngage Owners App?

  • One Click Campaigns
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Support Tickets Management
  • Refund Status 
  • Create Riders
  • QR Codes Management


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