UDIR: A New Era of Dispute Resolution for UPI Transactions

, 05-Jul-2024

The rise of UPI payments in India has changed the way we pay. UPI’s speed and convenience have made it the go-to payment method for millions. As of January 2024, there are an estimated Rs.18-lakh crore transactions of UPI in India, processing a staggering number of transactions daily. But what happens if a transaction goes wrong? Until recently, resolving disputes in UPI could be a frustrating and time-consuming deal, often leaving users and businesses feeling helpless. 

UDIR: A Multi-Faceted Approach to Dispute Resolution

A new framework called Unified Dispute and Issue Resolution (UDIR) is curated to change the way dispute resolution works in the UPI ecosystem. Introduced by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), UDIR establishes a centralized, automated platform for handling disputes between users, banks, and merchants. This framework promises to streamline the process, minimize delays, and enhance transparency for all stakeholders. It tackles the challenge of dispute resolution from multiple angles, creating a win-win situation for users and businesses. 

1. Faster Resolution

UDIR uses automation to speed up the dispute resolution process, significantly reducing turnaround times. This results in quicker settlements and a more satisfying experience for everyone involved.

2. Real-Time Communication

UDIR breaks communication barriers by introducing real-time chat between users and banks. This ensures everyone stays informed throughout the process, resulting in less anxiety and more trust. 

3. Transparency at your Fingertips

UDIR has also introduced transparent dispute tracking. Users can now access their UPI app to track the progress of their dispute, gaining valuable insights into the process and building a sense of control.

4. Reduced Fraudulent Chargebacks

UDIR has employed strong mechanisms to prevent fraudulent chargebacks. By ensuring accurate refund tracking, UDIR safeguards businesses from being exploited by users filing illegitimate claims.

UDIR : A New Era of Dispute Resolution for UPI Transactions

UDIR’s Impact on Businesses and Users

The benefits of UDIR extend far beyond faster resolutions. Businesses can expect:

  1. Efficient dispute resolution results in happier customers. By addressing issues promptly and transparently, businesses can build trust and loyalty, ultimately leading to repeat business.
  2. UDIR streamlines the dispute resolution process, freeing up valuable time and resources for businesses to focus on main operations. 
  3. Faster resolutions minimize the time spent managing disputes, allowing businesses to operate more efficiently.

For users, UDIR offers:

  1. Knowing that disputes can be resolved quickly and efficiently provides users with peace of mind when using UPI for transactions.
  2. UDIR build trust in the UPI ecosystem by ensuring fair and timely resolution of disputes. This encourages wider adoption of UPI payments, benefiting both users and businesses. 
  3. Transparent tracking and real-time communication allow users to stay informed and involved throughout the dispute resolution community. 

uEngage: Your trusted partner in the era of UDIR

At uEngage, we understand the importance of a smooth payment experience for your business. Working with over 10,000 businesses across 200 cities in India, we've witnessed firsthand the challenges associated with traditional dispute resolution methods. That's why we offer a wide range of secure and reliable payment gateway options, including Razorpay, Paytm, PhonePe, Cashfree Payments, SimplePay, and Ezetap. Now, with the introduction of UDIR, resolving disputes through any of these gateways is faster and easier than ever.

UDIR automates the process, ensuring disputes are settled in minutes, not days. This results in an improved experience for both you and your customers. With our comprehensive suite of payment solutions and the added benefit of UDIR's streamlined dispute resolution, you can focus on running your business while we handle the rest. 

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