7 Best CRM Software for Restaurants in India

, 19-Dec-2023

From overseeing operations to managing finances, resolving customer issues, conducting industry analysis, and maintaining inventories, you have numerous things on your plate as a restaurant owner. However, with so many moving things, it can be challenging for you to retain and engage with your customers. This is where Restaurant CRM comes into play.

Every restaurant requires a CRM solution irrespective of its size. Whether it is about managing your customer data, boosting engagement, delighting customers with loyalty, or simply maintaining relationships with them, a CRM does it all for the success of your business. On the other side, it is of no use if your CRM solution doesn’t have the right features. Well, uEngage is here to introduce you to the 7 Best CRM Software for Restaurants in India that can offer an end-to-end solution for your business.

What is a Restaurant CRM? 

It has always been said that the success of a restaurant largely depends on its relationships with customers. In today’s times, it is only a good CRM that can achieve secure and lasting customer relationships. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) facilitates the restaurants to gather, store, and optimize the complete customer data that can be leveraged to personalize marketing campaigns, create fail-safe loyalty programs, consolidate customer data, and above all, improve the customer experience. With the rich store of the database, it helps you offer personalized service to anyone you served before.

Discover the 7 Best CRM Software for Restaurants in India

Now that you are aware of What is a Restaurant CRM, you may find its role to be increasingly important. Indeed, it is! Let’s unveil the 7 Best CRM Software for Restaurants in India below:

uEngage Prism

7 Best CRM Software for Restaurants in India

A robust CRM Solution for Restaurants, uEngage Prism is engineered by carefully keeping the unavoidable requirements of restaurants in mind. The platform ensures a quick and efficient approach to building relationships with your customers through your preferred communication channels, including automated SMS, WhatsApp, and Push Notifications*.

The Best CRM Software for Restaurants in India, uEngage Prism automatically segments your customers into new, active, inactive, and various other categories. This segmentation allows you to send out campaigns to the right customers that are more likely to generate revenue. Furthermore, you can better understand your customer behavior and engagement reports, and make your campaigns more effective with the smart customer analytics of uEngage Prism.

Loyalty is the mastercard to retain customers and uEngage understands it the best. You can create good loyalty programs and reward your customers with loyalty points that will serve as a key to your repeat business. You can also retain your high-valued customers with the Milestone-Based Loyalty Campaigns of uEngage Prism.


7 Best CRM Software for Restaurants in India

An all-in-one CRM Solution of one of the 7 Best CRM Software for Restaurants in India, LimeTray is designed specifically for your restaurant needs. The platform works by sending campaigns, events, and offers at the right time to the right people that lead to a purchase. 

With a smart dashboard of LimeTray, you can get insights into the performance of your campaigns with comprehensive conversion reports and a complete ROI analysis. Furthermore, you can make better decisions by tracking customer orders, sources of your customers’ purchases, and even revenue.

Hashtag Loyalty

7 Best CRM Software for Restaurants in India

Hashtag Loyalty is next among the 7 Best CRM Software in India for Restaurants that largely cater to small and medium-scale businesses. With this CRM, you can increase customer retention, establish brand loyalty and enhance your revenues. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for anyone to understand and utilize the platform to its fullest. 

With Hashtag Loyalty, you can implement each touchpoint, including loyalty, reservations, feedback, etc., all at the same time so you can have in-depth customer data and analytics.


7 Best CRM Software for Restaurants in India

Want to keep track of all your sales without any hassle? Leverage the in-built CRM of PetPooja. Being among the 7 Best CRM Software for Restaurants in India, PetPooja CRM enables you to keep track of your customers’ purchasing history and preferences.

With PetPooja’s CRM, you can track, analyze, and reward your loyal customers while ensuring that your business builds an individual relationship with each of your customers. It also streamlines your customer base so you can run marketing campaigns and provide group discounts by classifying and labeling your customer pool in whatever way you like.


7 Best CRM Software for Restaurants in India

Bingage is a unified CRM and restaurant loyalty program for retaining customers and promoting repeat business. The platform allows you to send promotional messages, create customer profiles, monitor customer behavior, and manage loyalty programs. 

Bingage is an all-in-one CRM and loyalty solution that can be used easily to streamline your customer engagement and retention. You can choose your preferred loyalty program, cashback program, or points program based on your brand’s need to boost engagement and loyalty.


7 Best CRM Software for Restaurants in India

Improve your customer interactions, marketing strategies, and customer satisfaction with one of the Best CRM Software for Restaurants in India, Posist. Your customers deserve to be informed about all the latest offers running in your restaurant and you can keep them updated through appealing SMS and email campaigns supported by Posist.

Posist makes it extremely easy for you to engage with your customers and make them engaged with your brand. It also enables you to gather customer data from multiple sources, including surveys, online ordering, feedback, etc., and move them to a centralized database. Leverage this fully-featured CRM platform and boost your customer relationships in the exact manner you desire.


7 Best CRM Software for Restaurants in India

Last but not least on the list of 7 Best CRM Software for Restaurants in India is M’loyal by Paytm. M’loyal assists you in launching flexible, intuitive, and successful loyalty programs that fit your business, appeal to your customers, and drive repeat sales. It serves accurate insights into your customer data which involves the frequency of your orders, most & least performing channels, spending of your customers, and more.

Furthermore, the Customer Acquisition Cloud (CAC) solutions of M’loyal provide businesses with the ability to identify, track, and turn their customers into repeat customers using multiple channels, like mobile, web, social media, and offline practices.


So, these are the 7 Best CRM Software for Restaurants in India that are known to help you with customer marketing strategies. It is more important than ever to have a strong CRM system in place that serves as an all-in-one centralized solution for all your customer relationship management. 

uEngage Prism stands out to be a highly scalable CRM solution for the optimum growth of your business. Engage, retain, and reward your customers with the Best CRM Software for Restaurants, uEngage Prism.

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