7 Tips to Start Cloud Kitchen Business in India 2023

, 24-Jan-2024

By witnessing the higher traction gained by cloud kitchens, many entrepreneurs in the F&B industry are now increasingly drawn to this business model. However, adapting to cloud kitchens without any prior insights may lead to unwanted hassles. uEngage is here to provide you with an exclusive guide on how you can successfully start and run a cloud kitchen in 2023. Whether you are a seasoned restaurateur entering into a new domain or a newcomer to this constantly rising industry, these 7 Tips to Start Cloud Kitchen Business in India 2023 are going to provide you with a clear roadmap to kickstart your business.

Start with Online Food Ordering

The modern customer’s desire for convenience without compromising quality is exemplified by the ability to browse easy-to-understand menus, place orders with personalized options, and make secure online payments right from their homes. In order to serve this convenience to customers, it is essential for cloud kitchens to have their direct online food ordering website or app. There are undoubtedly numerous online food delivery management platforms in the market that can help you achieve this. However, paying hefty commissions (which is almost half of your revenue) to such third-party aggregators is never a good idea for your business.

uEngage, the renowned FoodTech platform is known to design and develop well-optimized online ordering websites/apps for F&B businesses. The platform empowers cloud kitchens to directly offer to their customers, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Menu Enhancements

A well-designed menu that fits your business concept and target audience is one of the most essential aspects you should consider before starting your cloud kitchen business. Balance your popular items with new offerings to cater to a wide range of customer interests and attract a wider customer base. It is also crucial to make continuous improvements and refinements to your offerings to please evolving tastes. 

With platforms like uEngage, you can have user-friendly and thoughtfully-curated menus that align the best with your business. 

Strategic Selection of Location

While cloud kitchens do not need a physical storefront, location still remains a considerable factor. Thus, it is always best to choose a centralized area that enables swift and efficient food delivery across different neighbourhoods. The location in the cloud kitchen model is generally not affected by foot traffic, parking space, or upscale position.

However, it should be located where there is a significant demand for your offerings. So, choose the location wisely before you start a cloud kitchen. Furthermore, reaching a large demographic helps increase brand accessibility and visibility.

Focus on Customer Engagement and Retention

Up next in the list of 7 Tips to Start a Cloud Kitchen Business in India would be to keep your customers engaged and aligned with your brand. Introduce the latest offers and discounts to your potential customers through SMS, WhatsApp, and Push Notification campaigns to ensure they are up-to-date with what’s new. Respond promptly to all their feedback so they feel heard. Offer personalized experiences to encourage repeat business.

uEngage offers an all-in-one CRM Solution to enhance your customer experience in all possible ways. From never-failing loyalty programs to multiple communication channels, customer segmentation, overall customer data, etc., uEngage has your back for everything you require to boost customer engagement and retention.  

Third-Party Logistics Integrations

Efficient logistics serve as an integral part of the success of your cloud kitchen. Even if you have some of the most delectable dishes on your menu, you won’t be able to attract your potential customers until you delight them with quick and smooth delivery. Therefore, you must collaborate with the right logistics providers to quickly reach your target customers and make their delivery experience hassle-free.

FoodTech platform, uEngage has third-party logistic integrations with prominent delivery service providers, like Dunzo, LoadShare, Shadowfax, etc. This integration allows you to manage your deliveries effectively without hiring your own riders.

Attain Your Customer Data

Knowing the individual preferences, ordering behaviors, habits, and order frequency of your customers will act as a cornerstone for your cloud kitchen business. This customer data will greatly assist you in tailoring your offerings and enhancing your customer experience. By gathering, analyzing, and leveraging this data, you can make wise choices that will have a positive impact on the future direction of your cloud kitchen business. 

Having ownership to complete customer data is one thing that can scale up your cloud kitchen business, and uEngage offers just that. With this rich customer data, you can create a tailored experience that resonates with your audience which further drives high customer satisfaction, and ultimately, business growth. 

Keep a Check on Quality Control

Next on the list of 7 Tips to Start a Cloud Kitchen Business in India 2023 is Quality Control. It is a crucial element of your business that goes beyond just your food items. The taste, the quality, the portion size, the presentation - every bit of your offerings matter a lot to your customers. When you achieve all these things right, your customers will not just be happy but also more likely to order again.

However, focusing on all these essential elements requires a whole lot of time and it becomes challenging for you to manage with other operations. Well, uEngage focuses on streamlining and automating your business operations and allowing you to focus on the most important aspect of your business, i.e., to serve your customers with only the best.


So, these are the 7 Best Tips to Start Cloud Kitchen in India 2023 that you must implement while starting a cloud kitchen business. Although all the tips mentioned in the list are equally important, online ordering app stands the most important of all. You can unlock the full suite of advantages provided by cloud kitchens by leveraging the capabilities of your own online ordering app.

uEngage, a leading FoodTech platform, offers a solution for Cloud Kitchen owners. We are here to design your own personalized app so you can enable online ordering for free, all while incurring the lowest commission fees. Through seamless integrations with reputable logistics providers and a broad selection of 90 cutting-edge features tailored to the industry, uEngage empowers cloud kitchen businesses to thrive in this competitive market.

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