Benefits Of Contactless Ordering Solution For Restaurants

, 05-Jan-2024

Have you been worrying about what would happen to your restaurant as soon as the pandemic is over? Just so you know, a lot of things would change and people who liked dining outside would prefer home delivery now. So, how exactly would you stay afloat with the changing trends? The answer is to adopt the contactless ordering trend.

Coronavirus has caused many businesses to shut down all over the world, while others are struggling to make some profit. Only those businesses that have given up the traditional methods and have adopted the new trends can be seen growing. And before you decide to connect with delivery apps, we have got a much better idea for you. Get your own contactless ordering solution for your business, and see how you can easily win during this crisis and in the future as well.

Benefits Of Uengage Contactless Ordering Solution

Benefits Of Contactless Ordering  Solution For Restaurants

  • Manage Your Restaurant With Lesser Staff - One of the most significant costs involved while running a restaurant is the staff.  Especially during the crisis when you are working on a tight budget, high human resources costs can bleed your restaurant dry. Using technology such as Contactless Ordering Solution will allow your customers to place orders directly through QR code or an app, and will reduce your dependency on the staff force. 
  • Manage Dine-in With Minimal Physical Contact - With an aim to minimize customer contact with restaurants when they are dining out, Uengage offers Contactless Ordering Solution. By deploying the ‘Scan-Order-Pay’ feature, your restaurant can take orders and payments through the customer’s phone while maintaining social distancing.
  • Manage Takeaways With Zero Physical Contact - For the safety of your restaurant staff and customers, Uengage offers Cashless and Contactless Takeaway Solution. Customers can place their prepaid orders on your brand App and can pick up the order from the take-away counter with zero manual intervention at a pre-decided time.

Setup Your Restaurant Online & Take Direct Orders

Benefits Of Contactless Ordering  Solution For Restaurants

Uengage is offering you an option - where you can easily have a dedicated application created for your restaurant without spending so much. Yes, that is right. You would not need to spend a huge amount of money when it comes to Uengage. In fact, we would handle everything for you, from the creation of the application to even the marketing, based on what you are looking for.

The current offer is applicable for all kinds of FnB businesses including the Fine Dine, QSR, Cloud Kitchen, or any other restaurant concept you have as a business. Uengage can help you and your brand grow, where you would not have to live under the shadow of Zomato, Swiggy, or any other delivery apps. It would help you in offering your services to your customers in every possible way and without making any physical contact.

The dedicated delivery app created for your brand would have all the following options:

  • Dine In: With this option, customers can easily place an order when they reach an outlet by scanning the QR code placed there. It is the best way to avoid any contact even when the customer is visiting the restaurant.
  • Take Away: Using this option, the customer can place an order using the application and then choose the “pickup” option. This will allow them to come and take their order from the restaurant without coming in any physical contact with any restaurant staff.
  • Delivery: This is one of the most prominent options that people choose these days. With this, orders can be placed for contactless ordering and have the order delivered to their location. Here, the Restaurant can easily charge for an additional amount for delivery since it does cost extra to deliver.

Features Of The Contactless Ordering Solution

Benefits Of Contactless Ordering  Solution For Restaurants

When you decide to have your contactless ordering solution created through Uengage, the team ensures that you get the best experience and output. That is why there are many features that come with the application to help you and your customers better. These include:

  • QR Code - This would allow the customers to order from the restaurant when physically present there, without getting in contact with any restaurant staff.
  • Branded URL (Link) - Get a brand website link to help in growing your restaurant brand and creating awareness amongst new audiences.
  • Online Ordering - Allow your customers to easily and directly order their meal through your application.
  • Loyalty Wallet & Promo codes - You can create new promo codes to attract more sales and new customers using the application. Gain more loyal customers with this feature.
  • Veg/NonVeg Filter - To help the customers select their choice of food without having to go through unwanted items.
  • Safety Measures - Build confidence of customers by showing the Precautions taken by your staff and the restaurant.
  • Active Order - Customers can see the order placed by them in real-time and track their orders through the application.
  • Best Selling Items - This would be an auto-generated list showing the most ordered item in the best selling list.
  • Digital Payments - The application will support many types of payment digital payment methods as well as the cash payment method. The payment options will include cash, UPI/BHIM, wallet, net banking, and credit/debit card.
  • Real-time Feedback - Customer feedbacks would be visible in real-time at the backend to help you and other customers see where your services stand.

That is not all, there are many backend features as well that would help you. These include:

Benefits Of Contactless Ordering  Solution For Restaurants

  • Rider Management - Get an in-house rider app to manage all your own riders. Create and manage riders from the backend dashboard. The application would allow the rider to switch on or off their availability. It would also show the rider and you the real-time GPS tracking of where the rider is.
  • Customer Data - You will be able to build your own loyal customers and stay in touch with them. The customer data would be owned by you and will be available for you in real-time. This means that you can easily contact the customers through SMS or emails letting them know about a new promo code or so on.
  • Store Management - With this, you will be able to easily switch on/off the delivery option, control the delivery radius, enable/disable pickup status, and customize the delivery charges all from the backend.
  • Dashboard & Analytics - This would allow you to check your store performance in real-time. You will also get daily, weekly or monthly reports for the performance based on how you choose to get them. And with this, you can work on any issues that come your way to become the best.
  • Banner Management - Have rotational and/or static promotion banners for showing the inhouse promotions and growing your brand on the application. In short, control how you want your store to be promoted and have your own banners created easily through the backend.
  • Menu Management - The menu section would be highlighted with images to help customers see what the meal looks like. You can take the images and apply them as per your needs to enhance the menu better.

Benefits Of Contactless Ordering  Solution For Restaurants

With all these features in your contactless ordering solution, there is no way you would not win during this crisis. In fact, you need to have a dedicated application for your restaurant and the competition would just become tougher even after the crisis ends. That is where Uengage can help you with it.

And be rest assured that Uengage offers services on a subscription basis which does not get heavy on your pocket, unlike the other app development companies. We won’t just have your application ready, but also help you in managing it & marketing it as well, if you want. So, what are you waiting for?

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