How Uengage Has Developed Essentials Delivery Platform For Govt Of Punjab During Coronavirus Crisis

, 05-Jan-2024

While the nation is battling the sudden lockdown with the intent of practicing and ensuring social distancing, the concerns over gathering essential items and groceries have continued. But now we can ease our worries a bit.  

For resolving the delivery of essential services during the 21 day lock-down Uengage has taken up the onus and developed an essentials delivery platform for Govt of Punjab with emphasis on the stay at home. This would not only discourage venturing out of the houses but also limit the spread of Coronavirus/Covid-19 by sending all the essentials at your doorstep.


Cova Punjab App - Essentials Delivery Platform by Uengage

How Does This Work?

For Customers/ Citizens: Daily Needs Ordering App Embedded in Punjab Govt Cova App

For District Administration:  Onboarding and Management Dashboard

For Shops: Order Management and Catalogue Management Dashboard

For Delivery Rider: Rider App for order Tracking (android only) 


For Shops

Download & Register - Shops have to download Cova Punjab Android/IOS App and register as an authorized shop by filling all required fields such as Business Details, Essentials Categories, and Rider Details.

Manage Operations - Once the shop is approved by District Administration, the shop can login to Uengage dashboard to manage operations such as accepting and rejecting online orders, add menu items or mark out of stock, manage rider details and status, access customers data, and more.

Manage and Track Riders - Shop can add/manage riders from the backend dashboard and can allocate multiple orders to the same rider. The shop can also view/track rider location via real-time GPS tracking from the Dashboard. In case the rider is disabled or removed, the rider will be forced logout from the app to ensure security.

Cova Punjab App - Essentials Delivery Platform by Uengage

For District Administration

Approve/ Reject Application - District Administration can view all submitted forms in their respective logins and can reject/approve the application.

Create Store - Further, the approved application will create the store in the system and send login details to shop owners over SMS.

Cova Punjab App - Essentials Delivery Platform by Uengage

For Customers/ Citizen

Download & Register - Customers can download Cova Punjab Android/IOS App and select the nearest store using options like - City level, Locality level, or Store locator. 

Add items - After selecting the nearest store, the customer can add the items to be delivered in the cart and choose from the Delivery or Self-Pickup Option.

Features - For the ease of customers Uengage has designed the app with features like – High-speed menu loading, Item & section images, advanced search option, separate popular sections & items, active order tracking, saving multiple delivery addresses, item-level GST calculation, and many more.

Cova Punjab App - Essentials Delivery Platform by Uengage

Add Address - After adding the items in the cart, the app would auto-select the added address or last used address and will calculate delivery charges through automatic distance calculation for delivery radius.

Cart Flow - A list of promo codes if applicable would be visible on the cart screen. There would also be a special instructions box on the same screen, in case someone wants to make a delivery time request or any other request. The app would also prompt for minimum order value and minimum order value for the free delivery option.

Payment Options - After ticking the delivery address confirmation box, customers can place the order and can initiate the payment for the orders via any of the preferred payment modes - Online payment or COD.

Cova Punjab App - Essentials Delivery Platform by Uengage

SMS Alert - The customer will receive an SMS alert on placing the order and a separate SMS alert when the order is accepted or rejected.

Track Order - The customer can also track their order/rider delivering the order in real-time and the delivery status of their order. 

OTP Based Delivery Confirmation - The customer will receive an OTP and has to furnish the same to the rider on the delivery of the order.

Contact Numbers  -  The outlet contact numbers based on the order placed will be available in case of any feedbacks or queries.

Cova Punjab App - Essentials Delivery Platform by Uengage

For Riders

Download & Register - Riders have to download the Rider App on their android devices.

Availability - Rider can switch on/off his availability 

Real-time GPS Tracking of Rider Location - Shop can view/track rider location from the dashboard and also the customer can track the delivery status of the order.  

Cova Punjab App - Essentials Delivery Platform by Uengage

During this time of lockdown, when everyone has limited access to local shops, Uengage is not only offering convenient deliveries of all essential goods but is also helping every citizen in the fight against the unseen reasons for spreading the virus.

So, if your groceries are running out of stock, don’t panic!! They are now just a click away.

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