Decoding Self-Ordering Kiosks for Restaurants | Its Benefits, Features and More

, 29-Jan-2024

The traditional methods of ordering dine-in or takeaway food have not evolved much in decades, whether it involves signaling a waiter to pen down the order, standing in the counter queue, or calling the restaurant for pickup in advance. However, new and innovative technology in the form of Self-Ordering Kiosks is reshaping these traditional methods with a promise to transform the restaurant industry. In this article, uEngage will take you through everything about self-ordering kiosks, their benefits, features, and how they can benefit your business.

What is a Self-Ordering Kiosk?

A Self-Ordering Kiosk is a smart dine-in and takeaway solution for restaurants that refers to a self-service touchscreen machine (or tablet) where customers can place independent orders without involving servers to take the orders on the table or at the counter. These kiosks are being swiftly adopted by many restaurants across the industry to simplify their operations, establish the infrastructure for long-term growth, and generate higher revenue. 

How Self-Ordering Kiosks Benefit Your Business?

Self-Ordering Kiosks eliminate the need for traditional methods of how customers used to place orders by letting them independently browse the restaurant’s menu, personalize orders, and make secured payments. As more and more customers today look for flawless, personalized, and prompt interactions, self-ordering service acts as an ideal solution to keep customers delighted while helping businesses flourish.

Have a look at the benefits of integrating kiosks into your restaurant and how it will parallelly benefit your customers:

Benefits of Self-Ordering Kiosks to Restaurants

Benefits of Self-Ordering Kiosks to Customers

Increased operational efficiency due to reduced queues

Quicker and hassle-free ordering while skipping longer wait times

Upselling and higher order value due to interactive visual menus and promotions 

Customization of orders with add-ons, sides, or any dietary considerations

Lower labor costs due to less dependency on staff

Independent placement of orders without the involvement of staff

Diverse payment methods for better transaction flexibility 

Convenient and secure payments directly at the kiosk and even at the counter

Reduced errors in taking and processing orders

Accurate orders without any errors due to self-service 


Notable Features of Self-Ordering Kiosks

Restaurant owners seeking to invest in a self-ordering kiosk should prioritize some must-have functionalities. The top-notch and reliable kiosk systems are outfitted with some of the most advanced features including:

Smooth POS Integration

Self-Ordering Kiosks seamlessly integrate with the POS system to ensure real-time synchronization and smooth fulfillment of orders. Just when a customer completes an order on the kiosk, it immediately gets reflected on the kitchen display system for back-of-house staff. Furthermore, the integrated POS software efficiently transmits orders to the server’s tablets with accurate table numbers for the timely fulfillment of orders.  

Upselling through Live Offers Display

Restaurants with self-ordering kiosks can actively display high-margin menu items, special discounts, combo offers, limited-period deals, etc., directly on the kiosk screen. It has been proven that limited-time offers can generate greater visibility for restaurants if positioned strategically. Customers when they view promotional offers or dynamic videos on the bright and engaging kiosk screen tend to spend extra which leads to further spending. 

Secure & Convenient Payments

Another crucial feature of self-ordering kiosks is the integration with diverse payment gateways to achieve safe and convenient transactions. Customers can securely pay from multiple payment methods, including UPI, Credit/Debit Cards, Digital Wallets, etc., directly at the kiosk or even pay cash at the counter. 

Choosing the Right Self-Ordering Kiosk System for Your Restaurant

Now that you have gained a clear understanding of the features, operational benefits, and revenue gains that self-ordering kiosks bring, you may be eager to invest in a solution that can offer it all as per your restaurant’s needs. You cannot risk your investment in a system that does not truly deliver all the latest technologies offered by a new-age kiosk.

Here, a renowned FoodTech platform, uEngage comes out as a leading option that offers state-of-the-art self-ordering kiosk systems equipped with all core features along with value-adding functionalities. It brings cutting-edge innovation to its well-operational kiosks for restaurants of all sizes and segments. Moreover, the kiosks offered can be effortlessly integrated with your restaurant’s POS system, kitchen display system, payment gateways, CRM software, and any other systems. 

Ordering solutions offered by uEngage extend beyond kiosks. It offers a suite of multichannel ordering solutions which comprises Web Ordering, App Ordering, WhatsApp Ordering, and various upcoming ordering channels. Thus, with uEngage, you have the freedom to easily blend your online and offline channels into one place and your business. 

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