Emerging Trends in the FnB Industry

, 20-Mar-2024

In 2024, the FnB delivery industry will serve a buffet of innovations. People’s busy, fast-paced lives are why this huge market keeps growing. From mobile apps to on-demand delivery networks (like ONDC), restaurants are getting ready to take off in 2024 with the latest online food delivery innovations.

Dive into our blog to explore the top innovations reshaping convenience and choice in food delivery.

List of Top 3 FnB Innovations in 2024

Here are the top 3 food delivery trends in India in 2024 :

Mobile Apps

Among all the major innovations in food delivery in 2024, mobile apps will provide a simple and convenient way to order food. It should be noted that even customers who previously used to purchase food in offline means, now prefer online food delivery apps to make their purchases. As a result, more Indian homes are turning to online food delivery services as a more convenient and easy option. As food delivery apps become more popular in India, they have made it easy for restaurants of all sizes to reach a wider customer base. However, this results in high commissions cutting into restaurants' profits, and customers have limited control over the menu.

Third-party delivery apps come with a double-edged sword. The customer base gets scattered across multiple platforms, making it difficult for restaurants to build relationships with their customer base.

But there’s another way!  Individual restaurants can create their own customized, branded app with their best features and avoid paying commission fees. They can take full control of the app’s layout. Menus and pricing communicate directly with customers and build loyalty.

You can try uEngage, and we can help you avoid the disadvantages of food delivery aggregation apps. Choose the right solution for your business.

ONDC Delivery Revolution 

These days, ONDC is empowering small businesses and consumers in the food delivery market. ONDC has transformed food delivery in India. Unlike the market’s dominant food delivery systems, ONDC follows a decentralised model. This is where the restaurants list themselves in their catalogue. Once the order is placed, it is passed on to the business, which then fulfils the order, and there is a third-party delivery partner that can deliver the order. The restaurant can choose to deliver the order themselves as well.

ONDC is cheaper than ordering food delivery platforms but comes with the challenge of taking care of their tech and delivery, which is a big hassle. uEngage helps restaurants list their business and get onboarded on ONDC with the lowest seller app commissions across the industry. uEngage will take care of things like tech and delivery, allowing restaurants to sell online, acquire new customers, and earn money! 

Connecting with uEngage ONDC Registration Online means your business gets to unlock wider growth options and unlimited benefits. We will help you unlock a world of immense possibilities for your business.

Whatsapp Ordering

The online food delivery industry is about speed, quality, and convenience. Customers these days want hot meals delivered quickly, with real-time information. WhatsApp can assist online food delivery companies and restaurants in effectively meeting client requests without incurring significant expenses. WhatsApp allows restaurants to engage with consumers actively, announce availability and offers, provide real-time information, and much more. Customers can click on the link and browse through the interactive menu, customise their order, and pay with their wallet. You can also integrate automated feedback forms once the food is delivered. 

And all this needs no coding or apps. uEngage, the best WhatsApp Ordering Solution for Restaurants, makes it easy to set up and helps boost the revenue of your restaurant business. 

What’s Next for Food Delivery Trends?

These are some of the emerging trends in online food delivery. Apart from that, some additional trends improve the delivery aspect. The future of food delivery promises a brighter bite for everyone. Consumers can now expect faster deliveries, and wider choices and savour the convenience and variety the future of food delivery offers. With its extensive services, uEngage can help FnB businesses succeed in this changing world.
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