How ONDC Can Boost The Growth of Restaurants?

, 20-Feb-2024

The world is constantly evolving, and so is the digital age. The Indian Restaurant Industry has witnessed a drastic shift in the wider context of how they operate their business and interact with their customers. With the advancement in technology and more reliance on online platforms, restaurants have been moving ahead and adapting innovative avenues to spread their reach and offer improved customer experience. One such remarkable development is ONDC, also known as Open Network for Digital Commerce.

The government-backed platform ONDC is anticipated to challenge the duopoly of Zomato and Swiggy, India’s popular food delivery platforms that benefited in abundance by charging higher commissions on restaurants. On the contrary, low commission rates and the direct-to-customer business model of ONDC are attracting a large number of buyers and sellers across India. 

With the development of ONDC, a real question, “How ONDC Can Boost the Growth of Restaurants” arises in alignment. If this question is also revolving around your head, then we got you covered. Here is how your restaurant can get the best from this non-profitable platform, ONDC:

Enhanced Digital Visibility

How ONDC Can Boost The Growth of Restaurants?

Having a solid online presence for restaurants has grown highly important with the emergence of digital channels. This is where ONDC can greatly contribute to accelerating the growth of restaurants. By onboarding to ONDC, restaurants can showcase and promote their menus, offerings, discounts, specialties, and other necessary details to a huge number of customers.

Impeccable Integration with Delivery Services

How ONDC Can Boost The Growth of Restaurants?

Seamless integration with quick delivery services has become the need of the hour and utmost crucial for restaurants to stretch their delivery capabilities. One can do this effortlessly with ONDC as it allows easy integration with reputed logistics partners. With ONDC, you have a wide range of buying options, an even wider selection of items to choose from, and the speedy delivery of products to your doorsteps.

Streamlined Payment Processes

How ONDC Can Boost The Growth of Restaurants?

Open Network for Digital Commerce offers a decentralized payment platform that eradicates the involvement of middlemen and decreases transaction fees. It supports multiple payment options such as net banking, digital wallets, UPI, and much more, which allows restaurants to offer a secure payment experience to their customers. The concept was introduced to encourage digital payments for the hassle-free purchase of goods and services while allowing a simple, smooth, and seamless transaction for both buyers and sellers.

Simplified Order Management with the Lowest Commissions

How ONDC Can Boost The Growth of Restaurants?

ONDC has the potential to shake up the food delivery industry by allowing restaurants to sell directly to their customers through various buyer apps like Paytm, Meesho, Pincode by PhonePe, MyStore, MagicPin, IDFC Bank, Craftsvilla, etc. The platform eliminates the need for third-party aggregators while charging a much lower commission fee than other food delivery platforms.

Effortless Inventory Management

How ONDC Can Boost The Growth of Restaurants?

Inventory Management is undoubtedly one of the vital tasks in the smooth operations of restaurants. However, with ONDC, businesses can sustain real-time stock updates. It allows them to keep an eye on inventory levels and ensure on-time order fulfillment. Moreover, they can also lower wastage, cut costs, optimize stock management, and improve profits.

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ONDC may act as the driving force behind the digitalization of restaurants that are in chase of serving a vast online clientele. Restaurants listed on ONDC will have access to the customer ordering data. If you are also in chase of onboarding your restaurant to ONDC and are unaware of how to start, uEngage can be your perfect partner. Choose uEngage ONDC as your go-to ONDC Seller App and unblock the essential benefits that ONDC has stored for you. Accelerate the growth of your restaurant in the digital commerce realm with our valuable assistance.

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