How uEngage is Becoming the Go-To Choice for Restaurants Focusing on Direct Ordering Revenue

, 08-Feb-2024

With online food delivery platforms taking huge commissions, more restaurants are looking to take control of their ordering channels. This is where uEngage shines as an end-to-end solution for restaurants to manage direct orders across multiple platforms. 

uEngage Edge offers a robust commerce stack that empowers restaurants to own their ordering channels:

  1. Sleek mobile apps with intuitive UI for a top-notch ordering experience
  2. SEO-optimized websites that drive direct orders
  3. In-store kiosks to capture dine-in customers
  4. WhatsApp ordering integration made easy
  5. ONDC seller app to tap into the open network
    And more!

The marketing capabilities of uEngage Prism are unmatched: 

Direct Ordering Revenue Growth for Restaurants Using uEngage

  1. Omnichannel data management for actionable insights
  2. Reviews and feedback management
  3. Segment-based marketing automation campaigns
  4. Targeted WhatsApp messaging to drive repeat orders
  5. Effective push notification campaigns
  6. SMS campaigns tailored to customer cohorts

uEngage Flash also equips restaurants with a strong logistics stack:

Direct Ordering Revenue Growth for Restaurants Using uEngage

  1. Facilitates in-house deliveries
  2. Integrations with leading 3PL providers
  3. Backward integration with top POS systems
With these commerce, marketing, and logistics capabilities, uEngage empowers restaurants to take control of the customer journey. This is why leading restaurants trust uEngage as their operating system to manage direct orders profitably. The solution transforms restaurants' approach to online orderi

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