Trends in Customer Marketing Automation for Indian Businesses

, 22-Nov-2023

Understanding and catering to customer behavior and their demands is the foremost thing for the success of a business. One way F&B businesses are achieving this is through the adoption of Customer Marketing Automation. In this article, uEngage will make you explore the latest Trends in Customer Marketing Automation for Indian Businesses and how these cutting-edge strategies can be beneficial for their growth and success.

Personalization at Scale

Marketing Automation Trends for Indian Businesses

In a time when customers are bombarded with marketing messages, a personalized touch distinguishes a business and helps it establish strong relationships with its target audience. This is why, personalization is considered one of the most important Trends in Customer Marketing Automation for Indian Businesses.

F&B businesses in India have access to a plethora of customer data, including their order histories, common preferences, patterns, dietary restrictions, and more. Leveraging this data forms the foundation of personalization. These F&B businesses can segment their customer base into different specific groups through advanced CRM Software and automation tools. This segmentation is done on the basis of different criteria, including behavioral, demographic, psychographic, and geographic segmentation. 

Loyalty Programs and Customer Retention

Marketing Automation Trends for Indian Businesses

When your customers sense added value in the form of discounts, rewards, or personalized offers, they are more inclined towards choosing your business. This competitive advantage becomes even more important with so many options available to customers.

Automated loyalty programs offer an abundance of customer data to businesses that can be leveraged to further personalize and refine marketing strategies. F&B businesses can analyze the data produced by these systems in-depth to identify trends, preferences, and new customer behaviors. With this information at hand, they may fine-tune their products, marketing, and communication channels to meet the shifting needs of their customers.

SMS and WhatsApp Marketing

Marketing Automation Trends for Indian Businesses

SMS and WhatsApp Marketing have evolved into effective CRM Automation tools for F&B businesses. This strategy has gained quite a lot of traction due to its ability to offer direct, prompt, and personalized communication with customers which results in increased customer engagement and satisfaction.

SMS and WhatsApp platforms offer a direct and prompt means of communication that allows F&B businesses to send real-time updates, order confirmations, personalized offers, and gather valuable feedback.

Omnichannel Marketing

Marketing Automation Trends for Indian Businesses

The next among the Trends in Customer Marketing Automation for Indian Businesses is Omnichannel Marketing. Marketing channels in India have evolved drastically over the past few years to encompass more than simply television. Nowadays, consumers are interested in other informational sources including websites, social media platforms, messaging apps, and much more. While it may appear that this trend is complicating marketing procedures, it actually offers businesses a variety of chances to effectively spread the word about their goods and services.

Throughout the entire client lifecycle, marketing automation ensures automatic content management. Depending on the current stage of the client's journey, you can successfully handle a spectrum of contact channels. Optimally using the omnichannel strategy can definitely result in a number of perks, including improved customer experience, enhanced revenue, and advanced brand identification.

Marketing Through Anticipating Customer Lifetime Value

Marketing Automation Trends for Indian Businesses

Up next under the Trends in Customer Marketing Automation for Indian Businesses is marketing through anticipating customer lifetime value. It is proven that businesses with the most engaging experiences for consumers over the course of their lifetimes will witness better conversion and retention rates. If the consumer experience falls relatively short of their expectations, then the customers won't initiate repeat transactions.

This will force more and more businesses to analyze their customer’s activities and behaviors. This will allow them to learn how they behave and what inspires their behavior. Further, it will help businesses to figure out medium, high, and low-priority consumers to fabricate personalized marketing campaigns.


The above-mentioned are the latest Trends in Customer Marketing Automation for Indian Businesses. However, to stay ahead of these trends, it is crucial for F&B businesses to choose robust CRM software. Among the uncountable options available, uEngage Prism stands out as the Best CRM Software for F&B Businesses that aligns perfectly with these marketing automation trends to help your business meet your customer demands and preferences.

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