Pincode by Phonepe - Hyperlocal ONDC App is now live

, 10-Apr-2024

PhonePe, one of the leading Digital Wallet & Online Payment Apps in India, has recently launched India’s first infinity store called Pincode, purely focused on ONDC. It has introduced the concept of an Infinity store in India for the first time in Bangalore. The launch of Pincode in Bangalore is just the start. It is projected to steadily stretch its verticals to many different cities in India. This launch is aligned with PhonePe’s objective of serving as a central destination for all the necessities related to digital commerce. 

Infinity store is a complete e-commerce solution that refers to an infinite selection of more than 20,000 items, catering to the usual needs of people, ranging from groceries, medicines, food items, personal care, baby care, pet supplies, and a lot more. You can get everything you need at your doorsteps from your favorite local stores, and that too at the most genuine prices. It also serves as a one-stop platform to order food from 5000 restaurants all around Bangalore city. 

The concept of the Infinity Store is designed to provide an all-in-one space to customers for all of their usual needs and interests, while also cutting off the need to visit different stores for different things. To ensure safe and secure digital transactions, the app also offers a complete range of payment methods such as UPI, Credit/Debit Cards, Wallet, Gift Vouchers, and more.

The introduction of Pincode corresponds with the massive expansion of digital commerce in India. With this initiation, PhonePe intends to diversify its line and catch a higher foothold in the market share of the digital commerce sector. On the other side, businesses have a remarkable opportunity to make the most of this booming market and connect with their potential customers.

Pincode App is based on the government-led ONDC program, which aims to establish a standardized digital commerce setting in India. The ONDC framework facilitates a seamless integration among different players in the digital commerce network, including e-commerce platforms, small & big businesses, mid-tier businesses, logistic providers, and finance players.

It can be truly said that Pincode by PhonePe is a valuable addition to India’s leading digital commerce ecosystem. With that, speedy adoption of digital payments and e-commerce, prominent players like PhonePe can drastically grow their market share.

Now that you know that India’s infinite store Pincode can help you in infinite ways, you must be wondering how you can get live on the app. This is where uEngage comes into the picture! uEngage has strengthened its position in establishing digital space for platforms like restaurants, cafes, and online delivery sectors. With our streamlined integration with the ONDC network, we can assist you to get live on the Pincode app without any hassle. 

When a company or seller registers with ONDC, they automatically appear on an open network where all the buyers searching for equivalent options may witness their products and inventory. uEngage provides you with an ideal gateway into e-commerce with a user-friendly setup. In addition, we integrate your business into the open network of ONDC so you can reach a broadened potential customer base and indulge in robust competition.

uEngage can be your ultimate guide to enable your business on the hyperlocal ONDC App, Pincode for FREE! Sounds surprising? Download the uEngage App and see how you can do it all with ease.

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