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, 22-Nov-2023

uEngage is proud to announce the launch of the direct ordering app of Yangkiez by Momo Mami, the opener of Shark Tank India. The app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. Five outlets of Yangkiez are currently live on the app, with two located in Delhi, one in Faridabad, and two in the Gurgaon region. Furthermore, more outlets in various cities across India will soon be made available for direct ordering through the app.

Proud to Launch Direct Ordering App of Yangkiez by Momo Mami

The direct ordering app Yangkiez, powered by uEngage, aims to streamline the whole ordering process. Users can easily browse through the diverse menu of Yangkiez, place orders, customize their selections, and make secure payments - all with just a few taps. With the cutting-edge technology of uEngage, the app seamlessly integrates with the operations of Yangkiez. This ultimately boosts productivity while offering clients a reliable and easy-to-use direct ordering platform.

Yangkiez by Momo Mami has emerged as a popular Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and gained a loyal following for its tempting momos, made with Authentic Himalayan recipes. It features an extensive variety of mouthwatering momos, including Classic Authentic Momos, Non-Veg Momos, Piro Piro Momos, Wheat Momos, Street Fighter Momos, Classic Mini Momos, Zinger Momos, Dumplings, and more. The QSR is known for its large variety of irresistible flavors infused in momos and has become synonymous with perfection.

The momos at Yangkiez come in different shapes and variations with different skin flours, like wheat, maida, gluten-free, vegan, and more. They are prepared with complete care to make them a soul-nourishing treat for Momo fans. Other than the signature momos of Yangkiez by Momo Mami, you can also explore a wide array of delectable dishes, including Ramen Bowls, Rice Bowls, Thukpas, Chinese Starters, Fried Chicken, Pasta, Wraps, Beverages, and a lot more. 

Founder of Yangkiez, Chef Aditi Bhutia Madan (popularly known as Momo Mami) perfected her soul-satisfying Himalayan recipes over five years. She has brought the authentic taste of the Himalayas to the forefront of the food industry. Her vision to change the way India eats is reflected in the use of natural, preservative-free, and traditional Himalayan ingredients. With a long-standing passion for food and a commitment to upholding traditional recipes, Momo Mami has successfully made Yangkiez a popular name in the culinary world. 

The direct ordering app of Yangkiez by Momo Mami has enabled customers to place orders at their fingertips. Other than making it convenient for customers to place orders in minutes, it also provides new avenues for expansion and allows the brand to serve more Momo fans across the country. Download the app now and order the authentic Himalayan momos directly from Yangkiez for an experience never before.

Proud to Launch Direct Ordering App of Yangkiez by Momo Mami

uEngage is always delighted to welcome passionate restaurants like Yangkiez and empower them with cutting-edge technology apps. At uEngage, we aim to build low-commission apps for your FnB business while giving you complete ownership of customer data, direct orders, rider management, customer analytics, and much more.

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