How Restaurant Technology Can Leverage Your Restaurant Business

, 24-Jan-2024

The technology boom of the past decade had changed restaurant business and public dining preferences in a significant manner. This shift in public preferences are primarily concerned with what they want to eat, where they want to eat, and how they want to eat. People are looking out for options to have food that is tasty, preferably healthy, and that which is quickly available. Therefore, people want the best of all options: online ordering, pick-up and take-away, and dine-in. 

Restaurants are now actively moving out of their comfort zones of brick-and-mortar, and pen-and-paper, to adopt new technologies to survive in this new era of dining preferences. Also, a wide array of technologies are now available which enable a restaurant to function with utmost efficiency while gaining a firm competitive edge over others.

Let’s now explore the most essential restaurant technologies which you must-have for your restaurant business to take it to the next level!

Online Restaurant And Contactless Ordering

The basic restaurant technology to adopt for your is business is to take it online through a Website or a Mobile App. This is to establish and develop an online presence for your restaurant which is absolutely mandatory in this digital age.

Restaurant Technology To Enable And Empower Restaurants

Once your restaurant is online, it should be equipped with a contactless ordering service. At least in the next two years, for any restaurant to flourish in the Pandemic scare, this is the most important feature which builds your customer base.

How contactless ordering works?

For a Dine-in, the customer can place an order by scanning the QR Code placed at the outlet. For a Take-away, customers can order a meal using your Link and select the Pickup option. For a Delivery, the order can be placed online and the restaurant can charge for an additional amount for delivery.

App For Online Ordering

Having your own online ordering app is a must for your restaurant to stand-out and get ahead in the competition. It gives you an excellent opportunity to build your own loyal customer base, instead of drowning out in a fiercely competitive environment on a third-party food delivery management app.

Restaurant Technology To Enable And Empower Restaurants

Restaurant technology is no longer an expensive novelty which could only be afforded by big restaurant chains. It is now within the economical means of most of the existing restaurants and as well as start-ups. It’s now time for you to get your online ordering app!

App For Tracking Riders

This is a must and should add-on to your online ordering app. It is highly recommended to invest in this restaurant technology because it becomes a wonderful convenience for your customers to track their orders live on their phones, and it also helps delivery boys with In-App navigation.

Restaurant Technology To Enable And Empower Restaurants

Rider Apps also make things easy for restaurants to stay updated on the status of their rider’s availability, and they can allocate multiple orders to a single user rider. 

CRM Software Solutions

CRM involves using data analysis and customer's history with a company to improve customer loyalty and retention. With umpteen restaurants to choose from in a given locality, your establishment should focus on customer engagement, loyalty, and efficiency to successfully retain your customers.

Restaurant Technology To Enable And Empower Restaurants

CRM software solutions exactly deliver these objectives for your restaurant. They enable customer segmentation and help you in gaining customer insights through which you can launch low-cost targeted marketing campaigns through powerful marketing automation.

Using this restaurant technology, you can also power-up your efficiency with multi-store management from a single login, set-up an integrated payment gateway, and use store analytics to improve store performance.

Loyalty Wallet

This restaurant technology will enable you to launch loyalty programs for your customers. A brand loyalty wallet is one of the best tools to get repeat orders and gain a solid customer base.

Restaurant Technology To Enable And Empower Restaurants

This tool helps you in rewarding your regular customers with cashback points. With a referral program, you can award loyalty points for fresh referrals. And you can also engage new users with 'Welcome points' with App download.

You can customize your brand loyalty wallet with your own rules for allocating and redeeming loyalty points.

In-store Feedback App

Customer feedback is monumental in the service industry. This restaurant technology keeps you updated with customer reviews and ratings in real-time! It presents a great opportunity for you to improve your customer experience and deliver customer delight.

Restaurant Technology To Enable And Empower Restaurants

This is an effective technology which comes with a customizable design, where you can design your own set of questions according to your objective and receive valuable customer data that can be utilized for targeted marketing campaigns.

Digital Register

This is another fantastic specimen of restaurant technology. The age-old tradition of maintaining a register book is now a thing of the past. Entry register books are now being replaced with the installation of Entry Tabs, where you can effectively record customer information with a Checkin App.

Restaurant Technology To Enable And Empower Restaurants

With a digital check-in app, you can have an instant customer check-in with mobile number, you can manage your reservations, table allocations, and also engage your customers with an automated Welcome SMS.

SMS Infrastructure

Having a robust SMS infrastructure is an absolute essential for your restaurants. It is a multifaceted technology used for operational as well as for marketing purposes.

Restaurant Technology To Enable And Empower Restaurants

An ideal SMS infrastructure is power-packed with comprehensive features. It should include:

  • SMS API: A software integration which allows web applications to enable automated texting for sending and receiving messages.
  • Transactional SMS: For engaging with your registered customers while sending informational messages, OTPs, alerts while booking and ordering, etc.
  • Promotional SMS: For economically reaching out to your potential customers informing them about your promotional deals, discounts, and offers.
  • Click Rate Tracker: It allows you to learn the performance of your SMS campaign by providing the data on the number of people who might have shown interest in your promotional offer by clicking on the link provided in the SMS.
  • SMS Report: With SMS report you can track all the details pertaining to each SMS, such as the number of SMSs processed and delivered, SMS delivery date and time, bounce rate, errors, and etc. A robust SMS infrastructure always has a higher delivery rate.

Digital Marketing

You should harness the best practices of digital marketing—Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation with targeted marketing campaigns, and Content Curation, in order to boost your online as well as your offline presence!

Restaurant Technology To Enable And Empower Restaurants

So much has been said! And, you might be thinking: Well, and good! But, where to start? Who to approach? Should you find separate specialists for each technology? Or Is there anyone to guide you?

Uengage is a one-stop solution for all your restaurant technology requirements! We are here to enable and empower your restaurant with all the technology solutions that are required for you to flourish in the marketplace!

Uengage has a powerful and comprehensive package of technological solutions starting from an excellent lineup of Brand Apps with zero commission, we also offer effective CRM solutions to retain and engage your loyal customers, and a robust SMS cloud solutions to charge-up your targeted campaigning. Along with these, we offer all the essential services in Digital marketing to solidify your presence in the market place and in the mindshare of your customers.

Enhance your customer experience and give your restaurant the much-needed edge over the competition with the right restaurant technologies.

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