Top 5 ONDC Buyer Apps in 2023

, 20-Dec-2023

Small and Medium Enterprises are swiftly adopting new-age technologies in an attempt to provide their customers with hassle-free and convenient shopping experiences. This is where ONDC Buyer Apps play their vital role. ONDC Buyer Apps is a roadway for sellers to make their products and services visible on a large scale. Alongside this, these buyer apps have made the shopping experience extremely convenient for buyers across India. 

ONDC Buyer-side apps have raised the bar for customer satisfaction with their secure transactions, effortless navigation, tailored recommendations, exclusive offers, and much more. Check out the Top 5 Buyer Apps in 2023 that have made their significant mark in the e-commerce industry. 

List of Top 5 Buyer Apps in 2023

Following are the five renowned Buyer Apps that have streamlined buying process within the e-commerce landscape in 2023. These buyer apps have revolutionized the way sellers make their products discoverable to their potential customers all over the country.


Paytm, a household name in India, is the first app to go live on ONDC with a launch in Bangalore in September 2022.  The app has rapidly established itself as one of the Top 5 Buyer Apps in 2023 taking the highest number of ONDC orders on the platform. Paytm App is currently operational in domains like Food, Grocery, and Home Decor, and is striving to expand to more areas. Buyers can use the app to choose products from vast options, make payments, and track orders. 

Paytm offers quick and easy access to users to millions of products from thousands of sellers across India - all in one place. One can order goods from Paytm App by just searching ONDC in the search bar and placing orders from the preferred categories. 


Pincode, launched by PhonePe, is an incredible hyperlocal e-commerce app that connects users with sellers in their neighborhood. It is India’s first infinity store based on the ONDC Network that generates public demand for digitally-enabled sellers across various seller platforms in an inclusive approach. This approach assures an open and accessible ecosystem for both buyers and sellers while providing new growth opportunities. 

Counted among the Top 5 Buyer Apps in 2023, Pincode features a vast selection of more than 20,000 items, including farm-fresh products, oil & ghee, grains, meat & fish personal care, baby care, pet supplies, and a lot more at affordable prices. Furthermore, a buyer can pay for orders with secured digital payments, powered by PhonePe.


Mystore is a feature-built ONDC Buyer App that sets apart for its carefully-curated selection of niche products. The app has captured the attention of high-end customers looking for one-of-a-kind and unique products by emphasizing quality over quantity. The feature-rich interface is one of the highlights that make Mystore App one of the Top 5 Buyer Apps in 2023.

Launched by StoreHippo, Mystore App offers a seamless shopping experience to buyers by offering them access to a broad assortment of goods and services across all industries. Customers can select preferred logistics solutions, make smooth & secure payments, track & cancel orders, communicate with direct sellers, rate their experiences, and enjoy many other in-built features of the app.


Next among the Top 5 Buyer Apps in 2023 is MagicPin. It is a local discovery platform that has gained significant traction as an ONDC Buyer App. You can explore Top food brands, curated collections, big offers, cuisine sections, must-try categories, and much more on MagicPin ONDC. 

MagicPin allows users to shop from a vast array of sellers, including small businesses and startups, that too on a single platform. It also offers exclusive cashback and vouchers that work to enhance the shopping experience. 


Up next in the list of Top 5 Buyer Apps in 2023, we have Meesho - India’s new-age e-commerce platform.  The app integrated with the Government-backed initiative, Open Network for Digital Commerce, with two crucial purposes. One is to enable buyers to connect with hyperlocal sellers and the other is to support India’s vision of establishing a diverse e-commerce ecosystem. 

Through integration with ONDC, Meesho aims to democratize e-commerce for everyone, with a common objective to empower small sellers and support hyperlocal enterprises


These are the Top 5 Buyer Apps in 2023 that are working with a shared goal to transform the e-commerce sphere in India. While buyers can get access to an extensive collection of goods & services, sellers can maximize their visibility to a large pool of buyers throughout the country. This is why, Buyer-side apps of ONDC are known to create a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers. If you are a seller who wants to create a strong presence on ONDC Buyer Apps and boost your discoverability, then the Best ONDC Seller App, uEngage is your companion. 

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