Top 5 ONDC Seller Apps in 2023

, 21-May-2024

Local businesses, small-scale entrepreneurs, and medium-sized enterprises always find it challenging to make their independent space among the business giants. The constant difficulty in reaching out to new customers can finally take a full stop with an Open Network to Digital Commerce, ONDC. As we move into 2023, there are a number of ONDC selling apps that are driving the way and helping businesses to take the maximum of everything this innovative platform has to offer.

Let  us explore the Top 5 ONDC Seller Apps in 2023 that can help sellers take complete advantage of the open network in 2023.


Small and Medium-sized enterprises may find it challenging to onboard to ONDC since the complete onboarding process can be time-consuming and expensive. To eliminate these challenges completely, one of the Top 5 ONDC Seller Apps in 2023, uEngage has simplified the onboarding process for all the sellers by making it quick and absolutely FREE.

uEngage app offers numerous features to sellers such as a user-friendly interface, a decentralized marketplace, cutting-edge security measures, and much more. Onboarding to ONDC with uEngage can also provide you access to supply-chain services, which eliminates the need to hire your own delivery fleet.

uEngage has designed a portfolio of services to assist businesses in promptly and efficiently fulfilling the ONDC standards. The suite of services includes simplifying KYC verification, configuring notification settings, linking payment methods, uploading inventory or catalog, and a lot more.

Apart from these advanced features, uEngage also assigns respective account managers to all the sellers so they never lack support and assistance. Moreover, businesses can also manage their inventory and customer data in a centralized location with the help of a controlled dashboard. 

Get onboarded to ONDC in a few minutes for FREE with uEngage, and be discovered on multiple Buyer apps like Paytm, PhonePe, Craftsvilla, Spice Smart Shop, and more. 


Magicpin is next among the Top 5 ONDC Seller Apps in 2023 that has revolutionized the way local businesses operate. The app has simplified managing and processing orders for merchants while allowing them to accept orders, monitor stock levels, handle product catalogs, and manage order fulfillment. 


Counted among the Top ONDC Seller Apps in 2023, Bitsila is a multi-vendor ONDC Platform that aims to provide access to small enterprises to a wider market. Bitsila allows sellers to list their products on the app to ensure buyers have a colossal variety of options to choose from.

Bitsila offers a complete ONDC Management system where you can easily list your items, update item availability, update prices, set up your catalog, get order notifications, and much more. Furthermore, it makes use of advanced encryption technology to secure personal data and transactions of buyers and sellers from prohibited access. 

Growth Falcons

Currently active in New Delhi and Bangalore, Growth Falcons is an AI-based, 360-degree growth marketing agency and is regarded as one of the Top ONDC Selling Apps in 2023. Growth Falcons created its own ONDC Seller App to make it easier for merchants to get registered on the open network. 

With intelligent AI-based customer demand insights of Growth Falcons, Small & Mid-sized businesses can update their catalog, prices, and areas of serviceability in order to boost sales and product margins. 


Mystore, an ONDC-registered marketplace, was launched by StoreHippo to assist SMEs all over India to gain the maximum advantage of ONDC. Being one of the Top ONDC Seller Apps in 2023, it offers access to sellers to an e-commerce store without any subscription cost.

Mystore further provides an admin dashboard with a variety of features and integrated tools to accurately oversee and manage the overall business. The clear and simple admin interface of Mystore makes it easy for sellers to use, even if they have no prior experience with technology or do not have much technical understanding.


The E-Commerce Industry is evolving swiftly, and the implementation of ONDC is undeniably a significant step in this evolution. These Top 5 ONDC Selling Apps in 2023 have been simultaneously contributing to the growth of the e-commerce sector by helping businesses to widen their presence on digital channels. 

However, choosing the right ONDC seller app requires careful consideration. ONDC’s top-seller app, uEngage offers a competitive edge to all merchants due to its unique features and functionalities. With uEngage, small and medium-sized businesses can not only survive but flourish in the highly competitive e-commerce space.

Get your store ONDC enabled for FREE with uEngage.

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