Top Restaurant Online Ordering System in India

, 02-Feb-2024

According to a recent survey, a whopping 95% of users opt for online food ordering due to promotional offers and time-saving benefits. Moreover, the same survey stated that 84% of people see online ordering as a convenient and hassle-free option. Since a growing number of customers now place orders online, it has become crucial for restaurants to have a reliable and robust online ordering system. 

Choosing the right ordering platform tailored to your restaurant’s needs can greatly impact your business operations and revenue. This article explores the Top Restaurant Online Ordering System in India that is reputable for its unique features, robust strengths, and user-friendly functionalities. But, before we do that, let’s clearly understand about online ordering system and why is it important for your restaurant business.

What is an Online Ordering System? Features and Importance

An online ordering system is software that allows your restaurant to accept and manage food orders placed online, and deliver them directly to customers’ doorsteps. Customers can conveniently browse digital menus, customize their orders, choose delivery options, make online payments, and do much more - all from a website or an app. Online Ordering Systems offer a lot of benefits to F&B businesses including:

  1. Expanded Market Reach
  2. Lower Operational Costs
  3. Streamlined Order Management
  4. Full Ownership of Customer Data
  5. More Accurate Orders
  6. Secure and Easy Transactions
  7. Profitable Revenue

Features of a Robust Restaurant Online Ordering System in India

Check out the notable features of the online ordering system:

Intuitive Ordering Interface

The online presence of a restaurant is equally as crucial as its physical one, as more and more customers now prefer to place orders online. A right and well-developed Restaurant Online Ordering System in India simplifies the ordering process for both restaurants and customers with an intuitive and user-friendly ordering interface. Moreover, it speeds up order processing, reduces the risk of errors, and of course, improves the ease of use.

Real-Time Order Tracking

It becomes highly stressful to manage huge volumes of online orders across multiple outlets without real-time visibility. However, the centralized dashboard offered by the online ordering system gives restaurants a consolidated view of all orders that are coming in from the app and website in one place. Orders automatically show up on the dashboard with all important details, including items ordered, special instructions, outlet location, and a lot more - all in real time.

Payment Gateway Integration

Customers today prefer online payments to pay their restaurant bills. This is why, a restaurant business should look for a system that offers smooth integration with payment solutions. A right Online Ordering System comes integrated with popular payment gateways, like Paytm, Razorpay, Ezetap, and other digital payment modes. The integrated channels securely process the payments when customers choose to pay online.

Centralized Order and Menu Management

A robust online ordering system has a central dashboard easily accessible to restaurant owners. This intuitive dashboard acts as a central point to manage menus across all restaurant outlets at different locations. Restaurant owners or managers can create digital menus that dynamically get updated across integrated ordering systems in real-time without any manual efforts. They can also create different menus and set different prices for different outlets if required. 

Top Restaurant Online Ordering System in India | uEngage Edge

Online Ordering is easier, hassle-free, and commission-free with uEngage Edge. It is chosen as the Top Restaurant Online Ordering System in India that powers restaurants with next-gen tech capabilities paired with renowned expertise. It serves different ordering solutions to F&B businesses of all sizes, which involves solutions like Web Ordering, App Ordering, Kiosk Ordering, QR Ordering, and more. It comes equipped with 90 industry features that let you

  1. Accept all kinds of orders 
  2. Manage multiple outlets on one app
  3. Create promo codes and cashback offers
  4. Segment your audience into multiple categories
  5. Download real-time customer reports
  6. Integrate your POS with the ordering system 

And much more!

With uEngage Edge, you gain complete control over your restaurant, including the complete ownership of customer data, pricing & revenue, orders that come in, and everything in between. Furthermore, it also offers easy integrations with its in-house robust CRM Software and Delivery Management Software for improved customer marketing and seamless delivery management.


Restaurants are now required to offer online food ordering to meet the growing demand for the convenience of customers. This is why, choosing a reliable online ordering system that fulfills the essential needs of your business is essential. As the Top Restaurant Online Ordering System in India, uEngage Edge facilitates businesses with top-notch industry-leading features that restaurants need to rise in the market. If you are seeking a commission-free, effortless, and streamlined online ordering solution, choose the Top Restaurant Online Ordering System in India, uEngage Edge.


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