Uengage Delivers Value for Business with B2B2C Services

, 24-Sep-2020

Digital transformation is the key for sustaining the dynamics of the constantly changing business environment. The support of emerging technologies not only strengthens the operations infrastructure of a business but also delivers strategic value in diverse market scenarios. Uengage is one of the trustworthy names for end-to-end B2B solutions for diverse requirements of businesses. On the other hand, Uengage also specializes in B2B2C model for supporting the end objectives of B2B companies. A closer look at the B2B services and B2C services of Uengage can showcase how uniquely it leverages B2C services for extending the capabilities of their B2B solutions.

B2B Services

End-to-End Customer Facing and Tech Rider Apps

Uengage Delivers Value for Business with B2B2C Services

First of all, let us reflect on the B2B service offerings you can expect with Uengage subscription-based technology playlists. Development of end-to-end mobile app solutions featuring comprehensive alignment with client specifications including customer-facing and tech rider apps is one of the foremost strengths of Uengage. The advantages for clients are evident in the facility of feature-rich, interactive applications with required functionalities according to user specification. Clients can avail useful features in tech rider app for efficient management of riders. So, end-to-end mobile app solutions of Uengage can be a huge contributor of strategic value to the customer’s business.

QR Code Contactless Integration

Uengage Delivers Value for Business with B2B2C Services

The next important benefit for customers with B2B solutions of Uengage is evident in the QR Code contactless integration and payment integration solutions in mobile app solutions. As the demand for business transactions over digital platforms continues to increase, Uengage B2B solutions for QR Code contactless integration and payment integration become trustworthy instruments for all mobile app solutions.

Website Development & Back-End Management

Uengage Delivers Value for Business with B2B2C Services

Uengage also develops websites and delivers website-backend management services for businesses such as server maintenance, software updates, and troubleshooting. The assurance of credible experts on the job is formidable support for all businesses with the B2B solutions in website-backend management. The backend management services of Uengage fit perfectly with our services in website development. As a result, businesses not only get a well-performing app or website but also one that poses the least number of issues in the long run.

Delivery and Logistics

Uengage Delivers Value for Business with B2B2C Services

Another striking highlight in the B2B solutions of Uengage is the facility of on-demand delivery logistics services for businesses. Apart from feature-rich user apps for the management of delivery logistics, businesses can avail promising support for improving the efficient utilization of assets to drive business productivity. We provide both in-house on-demand delivery and third-party delivery services. Therefore, you can avail a rider or order tracking app with their own in-house riders or third-party riders through platforms such as Rapido and Dunzo. The easier allocation of riders along with the facility of third-party delivery services to enterprise that cannot address in-house deliveries can improve the efficiency of business. At the same time, business get the facility of OTP-based delivery for better security and real-time monitoring of riders.   

B2B2C Services

Uengage enables promising competitive advantage for businesses with a unique B2B2C approach for providing its technology services. In some or the other way, businesses want to reach their end-users and address their needs with their services and products. So, the integration of B2C services with the B2B model delivers a single platform for business to cater their end goals of reaching customers alongside the B2B solutions they procure. Here is an outline of the different B2C services that support the B2B solutions of Uengage to address client goals comprehensively.

Brand Consultation and Digital Marketing

Uengage Delivers Value for Business with B2B2C Services

The value of subscription-based technology services of Uengage is evident in the facility of helping companies reach their end goals with B2C services. Startups and individual entrepreneurs can derive prolific value from the B2C services of Uengage such as in brand consultation services and digital marketing campaigns. The expertise of Uengage in delivering promising marketing tools to different digital businesses is a reliable advantage for all customers. In addition, small businesses and individual business owners could obtain reliable support for positioning their brand effectively in the target market. Uengage could also provide exceptional support with remarketing campaigns that reinforce brand trust with customers. Therefore, the B2C services of Uengage are formidable sources for every business to reach out to their target audience effectively.

Customer Engagement and Reengagement

Uengage Delivers Value for Business with B2B2C Services

Speaking of the target audience, B2C services of Uengage also focus on customer engagement and reengagement. The customer engagement strategies of Uengage, based on experience from different projects and real-world use cases have the power to drive the target audience closer to a brand. Starting from customer profiling to the evaluation of customer behavior and the emerging trends for driving customer retention, Uengage delivers promising strategies in a B2C model for specific clients.

Phone Pe and PayTm Mini Integration

Uengage Delivers Value for Business with B2B2C Services

Businesses could leverage the trustworthy services by Uengage for integrating applications on popular payment platforms such as Phone Pe and PayTm Mini. The availability of applications on payment platforms can provide exceptional opportunities for users to access your application directly and boost your sales. For example, Uengage has been successful in making the famous Pizza chain Lapinoz, available on PayTm Mini and Phone Pe. Furthermore, users are frequently accessing payment applications such as Phone Pe and PayTm Mini in large numbers, thereby resulting in better opportunities for visibility of brands.

Time to Boost Your Business with Uengage

Uengage Delivers Value for Business with B2B2C Services

Therefore, you can just go ahead and get your hands on the best subscription-based technology services platform to empower your business. Large businesses as well as individual customers could make the most of Uengage B2B and B2C services for capitalizing on the dynamic changes in the existing market. 

Every business is going digital, and a good technological value advantage can support your long-term prospects!

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