uEngage Joins Forces with Mentor POS

, 20-Feb-2024

uEngage, the leading Food Tech platform for restaurants and F&B businesses, is pleased to announce its integration with Mentor POS, a reputable provider of POS solutions. This integration will empower Mentor POS merchants to enable digital ordering and sell directly on ONDC. uEngage’s technology will enable Mentor POS restaurants to sell on ONDC in a way that is quick, efficient, and cost-effective. 

Over the past few years, the restaurant industry has witnessed a drastic transition as the customers’ demands for speed, convenience, and tailored experiences have increased. Platforms like uEngage are geared toward addressing these demands by offering cutting-edge digital solutions that cater to customer preferences.

Mentor POS restaurants can now quickly onboard to ONDC through uEngage and take complete advantage of its broad customer base to widen their reach and maximize their sales. They will have access to a powerful toolkit of uEngage that will enable them to streamline their operations and improve customer experience. From free and quick onboarding to the lowest commissions, uEngage allows businesses to etch the complete potential of this revolutionary platform. 

“Our focus at uEngage has always been to provide F&B establishments with innovative solutions. By joining forces with Mentor POS, we are confident in our capability to transform how restaurants connect with their customers.” said the founder of uEngage, Sameer Sharma.

Benefits of Integration to Mentor POS Restaurants

Quick and Smooth ONDC Integration

This collaboration will allow Mentor POS Restaurants to quickly onboard on ONDC and begin direct digital ordering, without involving in any additional steps. With swift and seamless onboarding, restaurants can effortlessly establish their wider presence on ONDC and start selling their goods and services directly to their large customer base. This will further benefit from cost-cutting measures, increased sales, and streamlined operations.

Lowest Commissions

The strategic partnership between uEngage and Mentor POS is initiated by the shared goal of easing the financial burden on restaurants and providing them with the tools they require to succeed in the sphere of digital commerce. They often struggle with hefty commissions levied by online food delivery aggregators, which eat into their profits and limit their ability to expand. uEngage has the lowest commission structure in the overall ONDC market which enables Mentor POS restaurants to strengthen their mark without worrying about high commissions.

Seamless Digital Ordering

The integration between uEngage and Mentor POS opens up new avenues for restaurants enabled with Mentor POS to fully leverage the digital age. By enabling seamless digital ordering, their customers can easily browse the menu, personalize their orders, and securely complete their payments from their mobile phones or other digital devices. This leads to better customer experience and satisfaction. 

Extensive Digital Presence

Expanding the digital footprint takes umpteen efforts for businesses if not done right with the strategies and approaches. However, the most prominent collaboration of today’s time between uEngage and Mentor POS is aimed at reducing these efforts in the best way possible. With uEngage’s robust ONDC and digital ordering potencies, Mentor POS restaurants can establish an extensive digital presence and draw a larger customer base.

About uEngage

uEngage is a celebrated FoodTech platform that serves to reshare the way restaurants cater to the continuously upgrading preferences of today’s customers. Being a reputable ONDC-integrated platform, uEngage takes pride in empowering restaurants to generate more and more revenue with the lowest commissions. 

As uEngage welcomes all Mentor POS restaurants to onboard to ONDC with the lowest commissions and complete data ownership, the future seems to be bright for those who seek innovation and profitable growth.

About Mentor POS

Mentor POS is a leading provider of innovative Point-of-sale solutions tailored for the Food & Beverage industry. The feature-rich POS system focuses on offering complete restaurant management, which includes Menu Management, Inventory Management, Stock Management, Smart Analytics, and more. The platform is creating new opportunities for its merchants by enabling them to sell directly on the ONDC platform through uEngage. 

With the combined power of top-of-the-line technology of uEngage and innovative POS integration solutions of Mentor POS, this integration will mark a revolutionary beginning for all the Mentor POS restaurants eager to establish their footprint through digital ordering and the ONDC platform. 

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