Why uEngage Is The Best ONDC Seller App?

, 19-Jan-2024

Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) has completely transformed how businesses operate in today’s new digital age. It has achieved this by enabling seamless integrations across numerous players in the e-commerce ecosystem. To tap into this game-changing platform, sellers need ONDC Seller Apps that can maximize their reach and help them streamline their operations. However, it becomes difficult for sellers to find the ideal partner in a galore of options available. 

uEngage stands out as the Best ONDC Seller App in the Indian Market that offers a broad range of in-built features which help sellers to run and manage their businesses with no effort. It is important for you to know why uEngage is an ideal companion to provide a great kick to your business by onboarding it to ONDC. Keep Reading! 

Reasons Why uEngage is the Best ONDC Seller App 

Easy-to-Use App

Why uEngage Is The Best ONDC Seller App?

An app that seems difficult for sellers to operate is of no use, even when it is all fancy and decorated. Keeping this thought in serious consideration, uEngage App has been designed with all easy-to-use yet advanced features, straightforward functions, and simplified APIs. We made it highly easy and simple to use for non-technical users and even for sellers who are new to the e-commerce world so they can quickly speed up their business. Thus, a seller does not need technical expertise to navigate through various innovation functions of the uEngage App.

Full Control on Dashboard

Why uEngage Is The Best ONDC Seller App?

uEngage offers complete control of your e-commerce business with access to a unique and innovative dashboard. The dashboard has you covered for everything from management of complete inventory, fulfillment of orders, processing of payments, and a lot more. The dashboard also provides you with real-time data that allows you to run an accurate analysis check and also make reliable decisions about your business. Moreover, you can also enable our unique Kiosk Mode that allows you to process and manage your orders smoothly on one single screen.

Round-the-Clock Support

Why uEngage Is The Best ONDC Seller App?

uEngage completely understands the need and importance of providing customer support to all its merchants. That is why, it gives unparalleled access to 24*7 account manager support to all its onboarded sellers. The account managers assigned by uEngage are accessible round-the-clock to address your concerns and provide prompt responses to any of your queries.

Tailored Seller App

Why uEngage Is The Best ONDC Seller App?

The Best ONDC Seller App, uEngage has been designed with a primary focus on the needs of online sellers. It has an assortment of interesting and valuable features that have been customized to meet the specific requirements of e-commerce enterprises. You can even customize your settings on your own with just a few steps on the app. 

Third-Party Logistics

Why uEngage Is The Best ONDC Seller App?

Onboarding to ONDC with the Best ONDC Seller Apps, uEngage offers you everything that you may need to operate your business actively, without any hampering. One of them includes access to our third-party logistics that completely cut out the hassle of hiring your own riders. With 3PL Integrations with reputable logistics companies like Dunzo, Shadowfax, Loadshare, Porter, etc., we promise to deliver your orders quickly and effortlessly, with accurate ETAs. 

Widened Visibility on Premium Buyer Apps

Why uEngage Is The Best ONDC Seller App?

uEngage’s focused aim to onboard the sellers to ONDC is to help them in widening their visibility on the digital e-commerce landscape and reach more customers. Here’s why, we ensure to expand your visibility on renowned buyer apps like Paytm, Pincode by PhonePe, MagicPin, Meesho, IDFC Bank, Craftsvilla, MyStore, etc. Having visibility on such buyer apps can help you reach out to a large customer base and grow your business efficiently.

So, these were a few of the reasons why uEngage is considered the Best ONDC Seller App across India. With our valuable features and offerings, you can take advantage of the Open Network for Digital Commerce in full capacity and expand your business horizons across the digital market. 


uEngage, being the lowest commission ONDC Seller App, is a go-to platform for all those MSMEs aiming to be counted among the big names and flourish their business on the Open Network for Digital Commerce. With uEngage, ONDC sellers can simplify their operations and entirely focus on what they do best, i.e., delivering the finest quality products to their customers. 

Try the uEngage app today and see the difference it can make to your e-commerce business. Get your store ONDC enabled for FREE with uEngage.

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