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Uengage Cloud Kitchen App

Uengage Cloud Kitchen App

Get rid of the expensive rentals and run your delivery-only restaurant online with one single Cloud Kitchen App.

One single app for all your cloud kitchen restaurant needs from controlling multi-brand cloud kitchen to managing all your home delivery, takeaway, and in-car dine-in orders seamlessly. Along with easy ordering from multiple brands for the customers.

Attributes Helping You Manage Your Restaurant Business

  • Manage Multiple Kitchens

    Manage your brand’s different kitchens separately with a single interface allowing you to create numerous kitchen tabs on the panel.
  • Run Multiple Brands Under One Kitchen

    Launch and manage multiple brands with a single shared kitchen thus keeping the operational costs low.
  • Reports and Analysis

    View real-time order tracking status along with various operational reports and keep a close check on the operations of multiple cloud kitchens from one place.
  • Easy Login

    Users can login easily to the app using OTP SMS, Truecaller, or Mobile No. Auto Pick without much hassle.
  • Place Order with Multiple Brands

    The customer can add items to their cart from different brands in one order according to their tastes and preferences.
  • Offer Based Promotion

    Showcase exclusive offers and discounts to your users seamlessly and leverage the traffic for brand promotion and awareness.

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