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Uengage CRM for Restaurants

A complete CRM solution helping your business to connect and engage with your customers in a smarter way and converting your audience into potential buyers. Retarget lost and inactive customers with automated campaigns.


Attributes Helping You Manage Your Restaurant Business

  • Segment Based Audience

    Filter out your audience based on active users, dead users & so on to customize the SMS and Push Notifications that satisfy the segmented groups.
  • Personalized SMS Campaign

    Create and send personalized SMS to reach and engage with your segment audience through an integrated automation SMS platform.
  • Personalized Push Notification Campaign

    Create and send personalized push notifications to reach and engage with your audience delivering messages that attract their attention.
  • Audience Order Pattern

    Track your customer’s ordering behavior to understand how often they use or buy your product and based on that you can improve your customer approach.
  • Customer Feedback Management

    Manage and monitor your customers’ ratings and reviews left on your app and filter according to a particular star rating.
  • Smart Reporting

    Manage all the campaigns and reports from a single dashboard to review consolidated performance statistics and visualize meaningful patterns and trends.
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