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Uengage Rider App

Uengage Rider App

An app that streamlines your day-to-day delivery process while allowing you to track each and every order with the amount of time taken by the rider and the status of delivery.

Enable your riders to perform their deliveries more efficiently with help of the Rider Tracking App where the rider gets to know the best routes based on current traffic status and all the delivery information on the app including the customer calling options along with the address of the customer.

Attributes Helping You Manage Your Restaurant Business

  • Delivery Request

    Requests are sent to the rider app including the option to accept or cancel requests for the delivery of an order.
  • Delivery Information

    Riders get a detailed summary of the order on the app like the customer name, contact, delivery address, and a route map to the drop location.
  • Guided Navigation

    Riders can get the best routes based on current traffic status for the drop location along with delivery address information using the maps feature.
  • Rider Status Availability

    Riders can change their availability status between online and offline anytime from the app and accordingly receive new delivery requests.
  • Push Notification

    As soon as the delivery request is made, the rider gets an instant alert through a push notification on the app.
  • Past Orders Processed

    A clear and simple interface for the rider to view his previously delivered orders along with details whenever needed.

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