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uEngage Team, 22-Mar-2023

In today's digital day and age, to achieve the attention of the targeted market it is very important for all the businesses to ditch traditional modes of marketing and embrace the gen-next ones. From new offers to confirmation of the order, subscription alerts to renewal notifications, customers are constantly expecting new ways of interacting with the brands and business.

So what comes to the rescue of these brands and businesses is Mobile Marketing, which plays a major role in fetching business leads for all types of businesses. And one of the best sources of Mobile Marketing is Bulk SMS Services. Bulk SMS has formed a powerful marketing tool for all business types inclusive of large to small scale entities. 

Now let's talk about choosing the right Bulk SMS services in Chandigarh.

Since Bulk SMS has undergone innovative transformations forming a standout tool to spread information with a promotional or transactional motive, it becomes very important to choose a company that provides your brand or business the easiest and cost-effective technique for sending information to masses instantly.

Thus, we recommend you Uengage Bulk SMS service in Chandigarh, that connects brand and businesses to customers and enables communication across channels. It is a complete SMS marketing solution that includes comprehensive yet simple communication and marketing tools for brand promotion.

Uengage was formed in 2014 by a small team that had both strong technical expertise and strong marketing knowledge. It is the combination of these two that sets them apart.

Additional Features that UEngage offers with Bulk SMS service in Chandigarh


- Uengage Bulk SMS service in Chandigarh is trusted by 1000 businesses around you.


 - Uengage offers instant mobile communication and helps brands and businesses with their SMS-based marketing campaigns and updates. 

- The ease of use, ease of integration, zero set-up cost, timely delivery reports, customized bulk push, etc are features that benefit UEngage users immensely.

- Uengage work with clients across all sectors: from small single-handed businesses to multi-level franchise businesses with hundreds of outlets, government agencies, universities, and non-profit organizations.

- Uengage platform is a powerful, fully scalable communication enabler that equips you with the tools you need to manage your business communication more effectively.

- Uengage with the most robust server’s reliable with 99% SMS deliverability rates and is efficient of withstanding heavy voluminous flow. 

- Dedicated customer support specialists are available round the clock to assist you.

- Fully transparent delivery reports are also available on all UEngage accounts, allowing you to see all handset delivery confirmations and bounces close to real-time. 

- You can send targeted text messages directly to your customer’s mobile phones anytime, anywhere.

- Uengage provides reliable, safe and easy tools to manage all aspects of your SMS marketing from any computer, tablet or mobile phone.

- All of your messages be it promotional or transactional are sent quickly, securely and reliably.

- And the most important feature is that UEngage aims to provide its clients with first-class and dependable SMS marketing platform and solutions that deliver measurably improved business results.

Ready to take advantage of all the benefits SMS has to offer for your business? Get started today by requesting a free demo.

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