11 Must-Have Features For Food Delivery App Development

uEngage Team, 25-Sep-2023

The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus has led people to socially distance and order food online with a contactless home delivery option as the new normal. Therefore, having a ready-to-use food delivery app has become a necessity for all the restaurants to be in business. Thankfully, with the advent of the digital era, restaurants are going digital and making the lives of people easier, faster, and hassle-free.

Features Of Food Delivery App Development

So, if you are a restaurant owner are planning to develop your own food delivery app this is the right time to start. Keeping in view the demand of online food delivery and current crisis, this is the time to have an easily customizable food delivery app which would help your customers order food even more seamless, faster, and convenient.

Now that you have decided to create a food delivery app for your restaurant, the next thing to decide on is what essential features to put in it? Since it is your own brand app, you can add as many features as you want, but you shouldn’t compromise on some essential features. Thus, we have compiled a list of the most important features for the food delivery app development.

Onboarding With OTP & True Caller Integration

Offer your customers a seamless onboarding experience with a single-click login wherein a one Time Pin (OTP) is generated to enable and complete the user profile creation process.

Features Of Food Delivery App Development

You can also ensure a smooth first-time experience by offering your customers an easier to verify and register process with a single click and eliminating any need for OTP verification. Truecaller is widely used and has a pool of over 150 million users in India, with mobile numbers already verified. As soon as the customer lands on the login screen, you can invoke Verification via Truecaller, and onboard users within seconds in one tap.

GPS Based & Locality Based Store Selection

Features Of Food Delivery App Development

Time and distance play a very important role in the food delivery business. Thus, it is important to provide customers easy access to find restaurants in the vicinity using their GPS. Using GPS based or locality based store selection helps customers find the nearest outlet and ensuring on-time delivery. The GPS integration not only defines the pickup and drop locations with ease & accuracy but also helps in determining the time needed to reach the delivery location.

New Age Menu

Build your menu with intuitive formats and blazing fast loading speed of items. Add unlimited items, categories, and options for toppings to give your customers a professional ordering experience. Every customer wants personalization! You can offer them a personalized menu with options where they can search the menu by name and filter the menus by veg/non-veg filters. You can also display the review rating of individual items, which can be used as a deciding factor by the customer while placing the order.

Features Of Food Delivery App Development

A customer is more likely to order from an app that displays a menu that includes photos of every dish. As per research, image-based menus on an online ordering platform increase their conversion rate by 25%, compared to text menu. Items that have images next to them, can change customers' intent to actually order the food, compared to those without. So, ensure that each category and item have images displaying the same. Using image-based menus will not only increase the number of orders but would also increase your chances of being remembered and recognized.

Options To Customize the Home Screen

Features Of Food Delivery App Development

As per your business requirement and marketing strategy the home screen of your Brand App should be intuitive, user-friendly, and showcase your brand vision. Your brand app should have the capability to incorporate industry-wide use cases to place and customize placement of your products, marketing banners, personalized order status, trending items, featured items, one-click reordering feature, and other relevant widgets for better user experience and engagement.  You can customize the outlet home with different layouts, different static and carousel banners, multiple widgets with different functionality, and much more.

Promo & Offer Management

Features Of Food Delivery App Development

Implement smart and effective mobile marketing strategies by offering promos and offers within the app. The mobile-only promos & offers can help drive app downloads and increase sales. Make sure these offers can only be found and used when ordering through the mobile app, so it encourages people to keep the app installed on their devices. You can also personalize the offers based on demographics, order history, events, and more to encourage repeat sales and develop brand loyalty and engagement.

Simplify The Order Placement Process

Features Of Food Delivery App Development

Customers prefer to order online because of convenience. So, make the order placement procedure quick and easy. GPS based address locator, saving past orders, saving multiple delivery addresses, partial payment details, and other relevant information in the dashboard can quicken the online order processing. Enforcing maximum no. of localities, an automatic distance calculator for delivery radius, and introducing wallets are other ways.

Different Ordering Options

Features Of Food Delivery App Development

Add different types of ordering options to enhance the ordering experience. Customers should be able to order their favorite meal remotely through your app, pay online, and select a delivery method - Home Delivery, Self Pick up/ Takeaway or In-Car Dine. You can also offer them contactless dining by deploying the ‘Scan-Order-Pay’ feature. Using this feature, customers can easily place an order by scanning the QR code and pay online while maintaining social distancing.

Multiple Payment Options & Payment Gateway Integration

Offer customers the ease of payment by including multiple payment options like online payment through UPI, Payment Gateway, Credit/Debit Card, or Cash on delivery. Statista report that by 2022, the transaction value of mobile payment apps will reach nearly $14 trillion. Thus, offering the flexibility to pay for their orders beforehand using the online payment method takes customer convenience one step ahead.

Features Of Food Delivery App Development

Also, for commercial mobile apps payment gateway is essential. So, you can use third-party mobile payment gateway providers and integrate a payment gateway into your app via SDK (software development kit) as one of the existing in-app payment solutions to your app. The third-party mobile payment gateway providers will conduct all transactions with banks, secure customer data, and be responsible for payment transactions.

Brand Loyalty Wallet: Cashback & Milestone Based

Features Of Food Delivery App Development

Value-seeking customers want to be rewarded for their loyalty to your business. So, influence your customer's lifecycle by rewarding them and building a community of loyal members. Reward your customers with a loyalty wallet and cashback so that they keep coming back to you. You can set up specials to attract new customers, or offer rewards to frequent customers, top-spending customers, and more. You can also keep your customers hooked to your loyalty program with milestone-based rewards and customized referral bonuses.

Customer Feedback, Rating & Reviews

Customers Feedback, rating, and reviews are the simplest and most effective way of getting insights to improve your app. Customers should be able to rate and review the restaurant as well as each dish on the menu. Also, give them an option to search for the dishes using customer feedback filter or top picks.  

Features Of Food Delivery App Development

It is imperative to continuously review and make necessary changes in your app to keep yourself up with the competing brands. And, who would be the best to review and suggest changes than the users themselves? When a customer has received their order, send a thank you SMS with a link that lands him on feedback screen in your app wherein he can share his experience, suggestions, and criticism. It is the easiest way to improve your brand app and enhance user experience.

Real-Time Tracking The Order

Features Of Food Delivery App Development

Give your customer the power of real-time tracking. After a successful order, the customer should be able to track the order progress in real-time through the mobile app. He should be able to view the current order status, delivery riders location, estimated delivery time, and other relevant details. The feature of displaying an estimated delivery time and the movement of the delivery rider will not only make the delivery process more streamlined but would also generate powerful customer loyalty. You can also leverage the power of OTP based delivery confirmation and provide regular updates to customers regarding their order.


Whether you are a restaurant owner looking to create a brand presence, generate revenue, and improve customer loyalty or you are an entrepreneur investing in a venture of online food ordering – the above features are a must to include in your food delivery app.

According to a report( by Google and Boston Consulting Group), India's online food industry is expanding rapidly and will be an $8 billion market by 2022 - growing at a CAGR of 25-30 percent.  Hence, investing in an online food delivery app with all the above-mentioned features can do miracles to your business.

With a team of highly talented and experienced people, Uengage offers a seamless experience and brilliantly designed interface for your customers. We can build a feature-rich mobile app for your restaurant/brand with an unmatched digital presence in a mobile-first world.

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