The Complete Guide to Food Delivery App Development for Restaurant Owners in 2024

, 19-Jan-2024

The adoption of food delivery apps by customers is increasing speedily, and it shows no signs of slowing down in 2024 and further. This increasing adoption presents an abundance of opportunities for restaurant owners to flourish their businesses. Restaurants that capitalize on this customer pattern can acquire exceptional benefits and some of them include a broad customer base, higher order volumes, higher profit margins, etc. 

In this detailed guide, uEngage has covered key considerations for restaurant owners aiming to develop their food delivery app in 2024.

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Critical Factors of Food Delivery Apps for Restaurant Owners

Have a look at the critical factors of food delivery apps catered for restaurant owners:

Ownership of Customer Data and Direct Relationships

Having your own food delivery app allows you to gain complete ownership over your customer data and build direct relationships. You can leverage this crucial data to better understand your customers and drive repeat business, rather than handing it over to third-party aggregators. 

Full Control Over Branding, Menus, Promotions & Pricing

Along with full control over customer data, you also get full control over many other business aspects with your own delivery app. Every aspect from the visual representation of your brand to menu designs, promotions, pricing structures, etc., remains in your control. With your own app, you can maintain branding consistency, make menu changes, run special discounts & promotions, experiment with prices, and do a lot more. 

Integrated POS for Streamlined Order and Table Management

Receiving all your orders in one place without switching tabs can effectively streamline your restaurant operations. A food delivery app effortlessly integrates with your POS system with which you can receive all your orders directly within the POS, without toggling between multiple tabs or applications. Your staff can easily manage orders across dine-in, takeout, and delivery channels with the help of a food delivery app that integrates directly with your POS.

Faster Delivery with In-House Drivers Ensuring Food Quality

You may compromise with essential brand components that customers today demand by relying heavily on third-party delivery services. These components include prompt delivery, high food quality, food presentation, and more. However, having your own fleet of riders ensures strict control over your deliveries. With your food delivery app, you can have in-house drivers to delight customers with piping-hot meals and superfast deliveries. 

Customised Loyalty Programs and CRM to Boost Engagement and Repeat Purchases

Loyalty programs have been shown to enhance crucial metrics of your restaurant. Implementing them into your food delivery app can be an effective approach for improving customer engagement, encouraging repeat business, and more. Furthermore, you can use CRM features in your app to segment users and offer hyper-targeted promotions based on ordering history, patterns, preferences, and more.

Risks of Vendor Lock-In and Lack of Customization

It may seem appealing and convenient to leverage the vast user base of third-party delivery apps. However, such apps usually trap restaurants in their network. Once you get dependent on their service, it’s difficult to break free from them. Third-party apps may unexpectedly increase commissions, change policies, provide limited customization, or may eat out your profit margins. However, developing your own food delivery app can eliminate these risks so you can work at your own pace with preferred customizations.

App Development Approaches for Restaurants

In-House Development

Developing an in-house custom mobile app enables end-to-end customization tailored to your business needs. Although hiring an in-house technical team may require a higher upfront investment, the long-term benefits and complete control over every aspect surpass these initial costs.

You can implement a scalable app roadmap tailored to your business with a team of expert mobile app developers, QA specialists, backend developers, UX/UI designers, and other professionals involved in the whole process.

Food Delivery Specialists

There are certain app development companies that specialize in the Food and Hospitality sector and build tailored solutions for a diverse range of F&B businesses. Such firms offer a feasible solution for restaurants looking to swiftly develop their brand app without substantial upfront investments.

There are also third-party app developers catering to the F&B industry who may fasten your app launch compared to in-house development. However, such developers offer limited control and customization over your app. On the other hand, apps built by specialized developers offer complete control and can also readily integrate with your restaurant’s existing systems, including your POS system, CRM software, and more.

Restaurant Tech Vendors

There are turnkey solutions available for restaurants to go online quickly without spending months developing a custom app. These turnkey platforms like Dineout, PetPooja, Magic Order, etc., offer convenient and uncomplicated ready-made mobile apps to restaurant owners that do not require massive setup and configuration costs. 

However, these pre-packaged solutions may come with certain limitations or restrictions in terms of extreme customization. You do not get much control to customize the technological stack or add proprietary features for specific business requirements. 

Delivery Management Solutions

Delivery Management Solutions are considered one of the most preferred app development approaches for restaurants seeking seamless logistics. Restaurants opting for delivery management solutions like uEngage Flash can enable smooth online deliveries without even needing a dedicated delivery app.

These platforms automatically integrate with the restaurant’s POS system so the orders coming into the POS system can be handled directly from there without relying on additional apps. This eliminates the costs associated with the development and maintenance of an in-house developed app.


As the demand for food delivery increases among customers, the development of a custom app has become a vital tool for restaurants. Opting for this technology will allow them to leverage consolidated data while also having full control over their operations, smooth integration with their POS system, in-house rider fleet, and much more. Thus, for restaurants ready to take complete control of their business, the development of a food delivery app is essential.

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