How To Get Listed On Paytm Mini Apps Store?

, 05-Jan-2024

Paytm created some real buzz post making an announcement about it introducing Paytm Mini Apps Store for the developers in India. Only those living under the rocks perhaps don’t know what an app store is. But what is about a mini-app store? So, this concept of mini-app is that it’s a mobile-based site developed customized way, providing a thorough experience of the app. The distinguishing part is that one doesn’t need to download them. Paytm further claims to develop a digital platform to make small developers and business groups set up cost-effective and user-friendly mini-apps developed using HTML and JavaScript.     

Getting Listed and Using it

How To Get Listed On Paytm Mini Apps Store

One can get listed or integrated with Paytm mini-app store through open-source platforms like HTML and JavaScript to find 150 million active users per month over the Paytm App. One can make use of the already present mobile site or even a web application to get integrated with the Paytm Mini App in a hassle-free way. It is only a matter of 2 weeks to finish the integration process.   

Integrating Through Uengage (an integration Partner)

Uengage is going to be one of the integration partners in Paytm Mini App Ecosystem. It means the entire Uengage Platform Apps are going to be listed over Paytm Mini Apps Store. Uengage is also going to help other clients in getting integrated with Paytm mini-apps.   

How To Get Listed On Paytm Mini Apps Store

When a user browses for mini-apps within Paytm app, he/she can save the same over the device home page and get logged in to the mini-app. This can be cited as the major distinction between it and a typical app store. Additionally, here installation and distribution have to be done through the Paytm app. Moreover, Paytm looks like providing the phone browser edition of the app. It can be claimed like websites one can get access to through the server of Paytm.

Anyway, it is claimed that Paytm has integrated many renowned names, including Ola, Domino’s Pizza, 1MG, Decathlon, FreshMenu, etc. In total, it is claimed to have integrated around 300 service providers operating through apps. 

Paytm’s ‘Mini App Store’ offers access for its users to explore, browse, and make payments for an app, but without downloading the same, one can’t even install separate apps as well.

Brands Must Connect With Paytm Digital Ecosystem Through Uengage

How To Get Listed On Paytm Mini Apps Store

Through Uengage, start-up and tech-based companies can become a part of the Paytm Digital Ecosystem, enabling them to showcase their mini-apps. Here the start-ups and tech houses can get a lot about the best ways of boosting their productivity and introduce creative service segments.    

Enriched With High-end Features To Uplift Your Brand

Getting integrated over Paytm Mini-app store can be hugely beneficial for businesses or brands. Upon partnering with Paytm, one can run amazing cashback offers for the targeted users. Apart from this, it offers the following features for significant business growth.

How To Get Listed On Paytm Mini Apps Store

  • Provides Significant Dashboard for keeping track of payments made
  • An easy way of refunding
  • Provides Complete access to reports
  • Find details of Bank Settlements
  • It enables the users to reach you directly on your platform by simply doing a search on Paytm about your brand name.
  • It allows the users in sharing the mini-app they like through any messaging app
  • It allows delivering push notifications through Paytm App to keep users updated about the latest product and services segments, and also about the update about their orders.

Providing Much-Needed Access and Exposure For The Business Groups

It has been significant for the business groups and small-scale developers in establishing budget-friendly application through open-source platforms like HTML. Moreover, Paytm will include and distribute the apps along with its applications, thus providing noteworthy exposure. This is provided without any extra charge.

How To Get Listed On Paytm Mini Apps Store

There remain various kinds of marketing tools as well to keep users engaged. One may explore the wallet service or Paytm to process payment aspects through UPI, payment cards, net banking, etc. All these are crucial in offering a smooth user experience, and as explained above, getting listed over here can provide access to huge 150 million monthly users of Paytm.  

All in all, this mini-app concept can be advantageous over the regular play store in terms of saving crucial data and phone memory. Having an idea should make no delay in executing and integrating through Uengage for greater advantages.

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