7 Must-Have Delivery Management Features for Modern Restaurants

, 10-Apr-2024

With the advent of online-based food ordering systems, customers demand quick and seamless delivery experiences, placing a premium on fresh, hot food delivered within a promised timeframe. To cater to these evolving expectations and stay ahead of the competition, modern restaurants need a robust delivery management system in place. That's why today in this article by uEngage, we will dig deep into the 7 Must-Have Delivery Management Features for Modern Restaurants.

A delivery management system acts as the central nervous system of your delivery operations, streamlining the entire process from order confirmation to dispatch. It empowers restaurants to manage deliveries efficiently, improve operational control, and ultimately, deliver a superior customer experience. Here's where implementing the right logistic tech platform becomes crucial for success.

Understanding the Modern Customer Expectations

The rise of online food ordering systems has changed how customers engage with businesses. This digital revolution has fueled the demand for speedy deliveries, with customers expecting their food to arrive within a specific timeframe, ideally still hot and appetizing. Transparency and clear communication are also paramount. Customers appreciate real-time order tracking, which allows them to monitor the progress of their delivery and anticipate its arrival. Restaurants that fail to deliver on these expectations risk losing customers to competitors with a more streamlined delivery system.

By integrating these 7 Must-Have Delivery Management Features for Modern Restaurants into your operations, you can address these modern customer expectations and ensure a positive dining experience, even when it comes to delivery. Let's dive deeper into these features and explore how they can benefit your restaurant.

7 Must-Have Features of a Delivery Management System

Delivery Management System is a powerful tool that can transform your business. Once can skyrocket its business and reach new heights of success with a sound delivery management system. To name a few, below are the seven essential features that you need to check while choosing a delivery management system:

1. Real-time order tracking for customers

As a business owner, you must keep your customers informed about their orders. A real-time order tracking function in the Delivery Management System is a game changer. Being able to see your rider’s location on a map, and following their progress in real time eliminates the need for frustrating phone calls and allows you to relax and anticipate the arrival of your delicious meal. Additionally, the Delivery Management System can send milestone-based alerts for order confirmation, dispatch updates, and expected delivery timings, keeping customers informed throughout the process.

2. Optimized Route Planning

Efficiency is key in the restaurant business, particularly regarding delivery. A Delivery Management System with route planning features is a hidden gem. By considering traffic patterns, distance, and rider availability, the system can determine the most effective routes for each delivery. This results in quicker delivery times, lower fuel costs, and, ultimately, happier customers.  

3. Rider Attendance

Managing a team of delivery drivers can be difficult. A Delivery Management System with rider attendance makes the process simpler. Consider a system that automatically tracks driver shifts, logs, login and logout times, and even notifies late arrivals. This enables you to track driver punctuality, identify potential scheduling issues, and ensure your delivery operations run smoothly. 

4. Rider Live Location Tracking

Knowing where your delivery drivers are in real time is critical for managing expectations and maintaining efficient operations. A System that includes rider live location tracking delivers crucial insights. It allows you to better forecast delivery timings and manage any potential delays ahead of time. This function also assists you in optimizing dispatch decisions, ensuring that the nearest driver is allocated to new orders, maximizing efficiency, and reducing idle time. 

5. Rider App

Equipping your riders with a dedicated rider app is essential for effective communication and smooth operations. A good delivery system should have a user-friendly riding app. The app should enable riders to obtain order information, navigate efficient routes, and communicate directly with the restaurant. Features such as two-way communications can be utilized to clarify order instructions, address concerns quickly, and ensure a seamless delivery process. Furthermore, the app can monitor rider performance, providing useful information for training and improvement. 

6. Bulk Task Creation

Managing a busy restaurant sometimes requires delegating multiple tasks at once. A delivery system with bulk task generation capabilities can save you time and effort. Imagine being able to create and assign delivery jobs for several orders at once, rather than having to handle them individually. This feature is very useful during peak hours or for managing large catering requests. Bulk task creation ensures that all deliveries are assigned efficiently, with no delays or missed orders. 

7. Auto-Allocation

As your business grows, handling delivery tasks can become a daunting process. A system with auto-allocation functionality can considerably improve the process.  Consider a system that automatically routes incoming orders to the nearest available rider depending on their location and current workload. This removes the need for manual order assignment, shortens delays, and assures a balanced distribution of work among your drivers. Auto-allocation also optimizes delivery routes, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Choose the Right Delivery Management Platform | uEngage Flash

Equipping your restaurant with the Smart Delivery Management System is a game changer.  uEngage Flash is a complete package of features that enables you to streamline processes, maximize deliveries, and, ultimately, delight your consumers. We've covered the seven most important delivery management system elements, but uEngage Flash provides a broad platform with even more functionalities to help you improve your delivery game. 

uEngage Flash: Your One-Stop Delivery Management Hub

uEngage Flash goes beyond the essentials, providing all the features discussed previously. But wait, there's more! Industry benchmarks suggest that restaurants can achieve a 10-15% reduction in inventory costs by implementing a tech-driven approach.

Here's how uEngage Flash further empowers your business with features like:

  1. Delivery Time Calculation
  2. Rider KYC
  3. Day-end cash management
  4. Average delivery-time calculation per rider
  5. Past order history
  6. OTP Based on order delivery making
  7. Active order details and many more with no upfront charges. 

Don't wait! Investing in the right Logistics Tech Platform is an investment towards gaining a competitive edge over your competitors. uEngage Flash empowers you to transform your delivery experience and elevate your business to new heights. 

Sign up for a free trial today and learn more about how uEngage Flash can revolutionize your delivery operations. 

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