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uEngage Team, 25-Sep-2023

E-Commerce has taken over the way businesses run for the last decade. With businesses coming online, there has been a surge in deliveries and the importance of delivery management. Although a lot of restaurants have even moved towards offering such services and are striving to keep up with it, there are still many restaurants that do not offer delivery services at all.


Moreover, there are some businesses that work a bit on their delivery management but are not able to offer good services yet. For instance, let us assume that you have your restaurant’s delivery service running and your customer gets the wrong product delivered or the order is delayed. In such cases, you obviously lose a customer for life. Losing a customer for every tiny mistake is just not worth it. And not delivering at all in this time where people would rather have food at home every day, is also not good for your business.


Hence, having a proper delivery management software system in place is very crucial for any business today. With a software system, you will be able to track all the delivery agents and their activities. Rider management becomes much easier as well, where you can hand over a new task to the rider at any time.


And with this, the rider can start the task by following the rider application, which comes with any good delivery application. The rider management application also helps the riders keep track of their task details and the details of the customer’s order. And that is not it; there is another face of this management system. It is connected to your main delivery application allowing the customers to stay informed about the order and if there is any delay.


With such delivery management and rider management applications, things become much more smooth for your business.


Let us dive in and understand this better.


What is Delivery Management?

Easy Delivery Management with Uengage Flash

In simple words, delivery management is the process of managing logistics efficiently by integrating digital tools. The process and tools help track and ensure that the goods are efficiently and effectively moved from the pickup location to the destination.


In the current era, to enjoy an efficient delivery management system, it is important to automate the whole process with the help of software. It can easily reduce human errors, automate all tasks, streamline delivery and warehouse operations, and improve customer service and productivity as well.


Companies like Uengage create SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products like Uengage Flash, that automates all the manual and repetitive delivery tasks. This can save you a lot of money and time. In addition to this, the software also helps in helping the environment by reducing the carbon footprint through paperless transactions.


In short, a delivery management application is a tool that streamlines the complete delivery process. It doesn’t just help the restaurants, but also the customers and the drivers. The rider management application can help the rides get the fastest route to the customer and the customers can get their orders on time. In addition to this, the customers will also be able to track their order in real-time, which helps build their trust in your brand too.


In the end, it all comes back to your business.


Advantages of a Delivery Management Software System


There are a lot of benefits that can be attained by implementing the rider management and delivery management software into your business processes. These include:


  • Delivery Efficiency - The logistics manager can track all the orders, the route followed, customer details, rider's details, and mode of delivery. This leads to a better customer experience.
  • Delivery Productivity - The system will help you avoid any unnecessary delays and enhance productivity through real-time route optimization, intelligent order batching, multi-drop delivery route planning, and auto-scheduling.
  • Reduced Errors - It takes care of the dispatch and delivery tasks. Once the information is set, an available resource gets the delivery task.
  • Fast Delivery - This is obvious, when errors are less and routes are optimized, the customer will have their goods delivered in no time.
  • Reduced CO2 Footprint - Since everything is handled digitally, and the shortest routes are found, you end up helping the environment too. No paper and no extra fuel consumption.
  • Improved Customer Experience - Customers will be consistently updated regarding the real-time status of the delivery increasing their trust for your brand.


All-in-all, the advanced delivery management software solution offers you the power to reach out to more people, offer more jobs, help the environment and grow as a business altogether.


What are the Features of a Good Delivery Management Application?

Easy Delivery Management with Uengage Flash

Having a delivery application is one thing, but having a great delivery management application is what you really need. So, how do you know if the rider management application you are checking out is the best? Here are some features that it should have:


  • Control Dashboard - It should have a centralized dashboard allowing you to track and control everything about your delivery application. Things like driver communication and new shipment allocation should be easy from this centralized system.
  • Route Optimization - It should be able to offer the easiest and shortest route to the destination. For instance, the system should be able to let the driver and the manager know about any traffic jams or shortcuts.
  • Automatic Dispatch Management - It should be able to automatically assign the delivery jobs by determining which driver is available.
  • Real-Time Tracking - Managers and customers should be able to track the delivery in real-time.
  • Fleet productivity - The system should be able to measure and track the fleet’s performance including the idle hours, total usage, service hours, fuel usage, compliance, vehicle maintenance, and driver’s behavior. This will help control costs and maintain the fleet in a better way.
  • Identifying delayed deliveries - In case of any mishap or a roadblock, the system should be able to identify the delayed deliveries and send out notifications to the customer, and manager regarding the same.
  • Offer Correct ETAs - ETAs are Estimated Time of Arrival. The tool should be able to generate ETAs for the managers and customers. This allows customers to be rest assured that the delivery will arrive within the time mentioned.


In addition to this, there are some other things that you need to keep in mind when choosing a delivery management application:


  • Delivery Driver App - The system should also come with an application for the drivers to use along with the rider management application.
  • User-friendly - It should be easy to use for you and your team. If the application is complex, there are more chances of errors taking place.
  • Support - The software provider should be able to support you at all times. You do not want to have to wait for a day before you can have your doubts cleared or work through the application. Your business cannot be shut down for a day. So, ensure that the company offering you the same has 24/7 support available.
  • Integrations - The tool you are getting should be able to work with other third-party and existing software to support your business.


Heard About Uengage Flash - A Great Delivery Management System?

Easy Delivery Management with Uengage Flash

Uengage offers a highly effective and advanced delivery tracking and management product that can help your business run smoothly when it comes to offering delivery services. Improve your customer experience and manage all the deliveries with real-time rider management and tracking through Uengage Flash.


Here is why Uengage Flash is a good choice for your business delivery process:


  • Rider tracking application
  • Rider payments
  • Rider Attendance
  • Rider KYC
  • Rider Geo-fencing
  • Third-party rider integration
  • No coding required


With Uengage Flash, you can manage all the deliveries easily. The best part about this platform is that you do not need to have any experience in coding, nor do you need a programmer to help you always. In fact, you can take a demo of the product with no upfront cost required.


What are you waiting for? Leverage Uengage’s Intelligent Delivery Management Application to execute all the deliveries in no time, improve productivity and reduce operational costs. Offer a great experience to your customers through Uengage Flash.

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