Manage On-demand Deliveries & Logistics With Rider App For Delivery Service

, 21-May-2024

With we living a digital life and turning into digital nomads, ordering online trhrough rider apps or platforms has become the new fad. From clothing, grocery to food, everything one needs is delivered right at the doorstep making the delivery market a global phenomenon. Millennials especially want to order food/grocery from their favorite place and get it delivered quickly.

Thus, with online order growing faster, a majority of restaurants and grocery stores have adopted delivery into their model. Offering online ordering and delivery services helps them increase their sales. But, perfecting the entire delivery cycle is a highly complex operational problem and requires optimization on many ends. 

Why Rider App For Delivery Services?

When choosing to incorporate delivery into everyday operations, businesses have two options: hire reliable riders, or use a third-party delivery service partner to facilitate the delivery process. Although there are many benefits to both the options - the debate continues for businesses choosing in-house delivery vs third-party delivery.

So, how about a rider/order tracking app that lets you manage both your in-house riders as well as the third party riders. An app that streamlines your day to day delivery process while allowing you to track each and every order with the amount of time taken by the rider and the status of delivery.

uEngage introduces a feature-rich rider management app that empowers your delivery business with real-time visibility and ensures the proper utilization of your on-field riders. Wondering what are the features that can help manage delivery logistics & on-demand deliveries?

Allocate Riders For In-App Orders

Rider App For Delivery Service

Enable fast and efficient deliveries by assigning tasks to riders directly from the ordering app. The business can create a rider at the outlet level and effortlessly assign them the orders received online in the app. The rider can view the delivery task details such as the location of the customer, the name of the customer, and other details like prepaid order postpaid order, etc. and can use navigate to the suggested route.

The business can also allocate multiple orders to a single rider. In such cases, the app shows the rider the optimized route to complete his deliveries in the quickest time. The riders can also enable or disable their availability.

Allocate Rider Manually

Rider App For Delivery Service

Apart from automatically assigning the tasks to the rider, the app also allows the businesses to allocate riders manually for direct orders received via call or website. The business has to assign a task to the rider by adding details of the order like customer name, address, location, amount of order, type of order (prepaid/postpaid), etc.

Request Third Party Rider

Rider App For Delivery Service

There are many companies that offer third-party delivery services for businesses that aren't ready to handle deliveries in-house. So, if your business doesn't have in-house riders, you can leverage the already existing fleet of riders from brands like Dunzo or Rapido. Request the rider in real-time and get an upfront cost for the delivery of that particular order.

Real-Time Rider Tracking

Rider App For Delivery Service

Offer your customers the convenience of live tracking while retaining brand visibility. The rider tracking feature allows the business and its customers to track the location of the delivery rider in real-time and monitor if he diverges from the expected route.

Read how rider apps help optimise hyperlocal deliveries.

OTP Based Delivery

Rider App For Delivery Service

For a smooth and secured delivery experience, businesses can also offer their customers an OTP (One-time password) based delivery mechanism.  OTP verification at the time of delivery adds an additional layer of security to deliveries. Once the rider is out for the delivery, an OTP will be generated to the customer registered mobile number which can be used by the customer to accept and confirm delivery of the order. 

You are only a few clicks away from the smartest and simplest on-demand delivery & delivery logistics solution. It has never been this easy.


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